Nowadays, Danang – the largest city in Central Vietphái mạnh, is attracting more and more travelers than ever before. As becoming a major tourism hub & commercial center, the nightlife with lot of bars & club scenes in this coastal thành phố has improved exponentially. If Hoian to lớn the south is good for quiet drinkers, Danang offers more boisterous nightlife options. We are here to lớn introduce you the menu of best bars và clubs for a night out in Danang City.

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1. Apocalypse Beach Club

Apocalypse Beach Club brings you different feelings when stepping inside with beach vibes at dawn, & changes inkhổng lồ a nightclub after dark. Located on one of the 6 most beautiful beaches in Vietphái nam voted by Forbes magazine, Apocalypse Beach Club attracts domestic và foreign tourists because of its simple but sophisticated thiết kế space in every detail.


A show at Apocalypse Beach Club

Apocalypse is famous for its chất lượng and attractive sầu programs such as Ladies Night on every Tuesday night, Fire Dance on Thursday evenings và Live sầu Bvà on weekends. In particular, 22:00 – 2:00 is the time of passionate “dancing” with new và extreme EDM Set: Trap, G-House, Hip Hop … from famous Guest DJs.

This is also a new virtual live check-in place with excellent combination of East và West dishes.

2. New Phuong Dong Club – largest bars và clubs in Da Nang

Operating since 1994 & covering a large space of 2000m2 with the occupancy up lớn thous& people, New Phuong Dong Nightclub becomes the largest bars & clubs in Danang. Setting in the đô thị center, it boasts modern audio-visual systems, operating with a large capacity khổng lồ ensure that the music creeps in every corner. Stepping inside, the first impression will be a majestic stage with three performance floors which can be flexibly dropped from top khổng lồ bottom or vice versa and a led screen that can change the image in a diverse way.


New Phuong Dong Nightclub is the largest bars và clubs in Danang

New Phuong Dong Nightclub offers different types of music from EDM, Disco, house to lớn jazz, rock and funk. Every night, there are special music programs performed by famous singers which will make you constantly sing along khổng lồ familiar songs.

The price you pay here may be higher than the other average bar in Danang, but the fun-loving crowds và lively atmosphere will make the well worth for any extra expense.

3. Sky 36 club

If New Phuong Dong club is the oldest và largest place of the city, Sky 36 is known as the highest rooftop bar when its location is on 35th, 36th, 37th floor of Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River hotel, owned by Sun Group. With an area of more than 1000m2, Sky 36’s space is a harmonious combination between outdoor bar, sofa bed và inside VIPhường. Lounge area with elegant design bringing a world of classy entertainment.


Sky 36 club – best panoramic views of Danang City và Bach Dang River

Offering panoramic views of Danang City và Bach Dang River, this nightlife spot attracts a steady number of clients who are affluent travelers & local elites looking for a tiệc ngọt in style. The music styles vary from EDM, Electro, Progressive, Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno…

4. Seventeen Saloon Bar

If you used khổng lồ think that the bar is a modern architecture with a luxurious style, the Seventeen Saloon Bar will bring you different thoughts, as if you were lost in the American town of Texas in the late 19th century. Rows of cacti with a few branches of pinetáo Apple in front of the bar make it feel lượt thích standing in a dry, hot desert. Besides, there are horse wheels that seem to lớn ređiện thoại tư vấn the ancient Indian wars.

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Seventeen Saloon Bar – American town of Texas in the late 19th century in Vietnam

The inside space is designed mostly in wood & brown color making the Bar a cozy and cđại bại atmosphere. Coming here, you will not only be immersed in the vibrant and fun music of Flamenco, Rock’n Roluc which is performed by professional DJs, but you can also drift away lớn the old places with the melodious tunes of Country music, Folks, Blues. In addition, the bar often hosts special events or holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving & others.

Drinks are served with a selection of imported and Vietnamese beers, wines, shots, cocktails, và liquors. Happy hour promos for Tiger draught beers are from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm daily.

5. Waterfront Danang Restaurant và Bar

Overlooking lớn Han River, Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar is place where sport fans can catch the lachạy thử events while enjoying authentic cuisine in diverse taste of Vietnamese, Thai, European, Japanese và American. Setting up with two levels, a modern dining venue and terrace is upstairs và the lively sport bar is downstairs. The extensive drinks các mục at the Bar ranges from imported wines by bottle và glass, ciders, malternative text whiskies và beers lớn rums, vodkas và cocktails. There’s also live music performances every Friday và daily happy hour between 5.30pm – 6.30pm.


Waterfront Danang Restaurant và Bar is place where sport fans can catch the lademo events

6. Brilliant Top Bar

Brilliant Top Bar is mix on the rooftop of Brilliant khách sạn, offering an open-air space overlooking Danang City, Han River & My Khe Beach, with a good selection of western delicacies, cold beers and bar snacks. Fitted with warm lighting, ratrã chairs, unobtrusive music, and glass panels that overlook the iconic Dragon River Bridge, the rooftop bar is perfect for quiet evenings with fellow tourists & expats. Happy hour promo is also available from 17:00 và 23:00, where you can enjoy không tính tiền flow of Tiger draught beers at reasonable price.

7. Bamboo2 Bar

Say goodbye lớn the popular và crowded bars, Bamboo2 Bar welcomes you with a rustic and peaceful feeling in the kiến thiết style of graffiti by past patrons, ample bamboo bar stools, and a pool table. Located along the bustling Bach Dang Street, this is one of the best expat bars in the city. There are three levels in the bars with open-air terraces overlooking lớn the Han River và Dragon Bridge. This small yet vibrant nightlife spot draws mostly expats và tourists who are sport fans khổng lồ catch live sầu matches such as AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, & Premier League.

When there is no match, everyone can unwind at the rooftops, listening to lớn some swanky English tunes over a chilled mug of beer. You can enjoy ‘buy two, không lấy phí one’ drinks promos from 17:30 until 19:00. Bamboo2 Bar also hosts a local DJ every Fridays at 21:00 onwards.

8. Oasis Tapas Bar

Oasis Tapas Bar is one of the most favorite expat bars in Danang for its tasty and authentic Spanish delicacies, friendly service, và satisfying range of cocktails, wines, & premium gins. Located a few minutes from downtown & closer khổng lồ Bac My An Beach, Oasis is a slice of Barcelona in Vietnam where offers over 40 types of tapas such as buffalo mozzarella, Spanish omelette, duông xã crepe & stuffed eggplants.

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At Oasis Tapas Bar, you can enjoy a wide selection of funk, soul, chilled out beats và Spanish classics until late. This is a perfect place lớn come after an action-packed day of beach frolicking.

From delicious cuisine, wide ranges of beverages khổng lồ live sầu music performances, Danang nightlife at bars and clubs caters to all tastes and will assuredly offer you an experience that you’ll never forget. Please feel không lấy phí khổng lồ ask further information with Vietnam giới Travel team right away to jazz up your night in Danang!