Hotels In Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City


Cars và motorbike jostle for space on the constantly jam packed roads, shopkeepers selling colourful goods from all over the country at Ben Thanh Market, French colonial architecture living in harmony with brutalist communist housing, food vendors on every corner harking street food. Vietnam’s biggest đô thị is never asleep.

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Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị is the financial & economic heart of the country, also called Saigon by the locals, it is trang chủ to 19 districts, all bustling with life và activity. Ho chi Minh District 1 is the vibrant city centre where you will find many tourist sites and the old central business district. If you are looking to lớn explore downtown Saigon, sip cocktails at rooftop bars, hit the sights lượt thích the War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, Saigon Opera House, or the Notre Dame Cathedral, & visit great restaurants – staying at the đô thị center is your best bet.

Selecting where to lớn stay in Ho bỏ ra Minh city depends on your trip’s purpose. Are you looking for a quality boutique hotel, bởi vì you want to lớn stay in the lap of luxury, perhaps you need somewhere pragmatic for business travel, or you are a discerning backpacker looking for the best budget hostel or hotel? We have got you covered with our menu of 10 accommodation options featuring some of the best hotels the đô thị has lớn offer:

The Reverie SaigonPark Hyatt SaigonHotel des Arts SaigonNorfolk Mansion Serviced ApartmentIbis Airport HotelMeander SaigonThe Myst Dong Khoi StreetMia SaigonLa Bonte Boutique HomesHotel le Jardin Secret

Luxury Hotels

Whether you are honeymooners looking for an unforgettable experience or just looking to lớn treat yourself, these luxury picks are amongst the best hotels in Ho chi Minh City & also very centrally located, allowing you lớn explore the thành phố easily.

1. The Reverie Saigon

This is the best hotel if you are looking for a truly chất lượng stay as The Reverie is known for its absolutely incredible architecture & meticulous design. Here is where Italian splendour meets the East’s ceaseless taste for luxury. Ho bỏ ra Minh City’s only six star khách sạn has a spectacularly luxurious spa with 12 private treatment rooms, a state of the art fitness center, & a huge decadent swimming pool.

The Reverie is in a great location near to countless tourist attractions. It is within walking distance of the Saigon Notre Dame Basilica, the War Remnants Museum, Ben Thanh Market, và more!

The Reverie Saigon

22, Đường Nguyễn Huệ, tp Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

2. Park Hyatt Saigon

A brand name five star hotel with the beauty of old-world colonial grandeur right in the heart of Ho bỏ ra Minh City, the Park Hyatt is hard khổng lồ beat. From here, you can easily explore Ho bỏ ra Minh City’s cultural gems, including the Saigon Central Post Office, the Notre Dame Cathedral, & the Independence Palace.

Avid shopper rejoice, given its central location, the Park Hyatt is also within walking distance of Le Thanh Ton Street & Dong Khoi Street, where the best boutique shops are to lớn be found. Kiểm tra out our guide to Vietnam’s đứng đầu brands.

After a day of shopping and sightseeing, the Park Hyatt has a large & welcoming outdoor pool, perfect for lounging và sipping cocktails.

Park Hyatt Saigon

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Family Friendly Hotels

Vietnam is increasingly a đứng đầu destination for family with so many kid friendly attractions and activities. With the busiest international airport in the country, Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố will likely be your base to lớn explore Vietnam. Read more here on family friendly destinations in Vietnam (link). Here are two hotels in Saigon that we find khổng lồ be particularly suitable for families!

3. Hotel des Arts Saigon – MGallery Collection

The hotel des Arts is our luxury choice for family hotels in Saigon. Located in the đô thị center, the building itself is a work of art, và the interiors are beautifully furnished, but more importantly for families, the khách sạn offers concierge services & babysitting services. The khách sạn has impeccable service, and the staff will be glad lớn help create a family-friendly itinerary during your stay.

Parents will also be glad to know that on the rooftop terrace is one of the most beautiful bars in Saigon, with panoramic views of Ho đưa ra Minh City. The rooftop pool is conveniently located next to lớn the bar, making it easy for you lớn keep an eye on the kids.

Hotel des Arts Saigon

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4. Norfolk Mansion Serviced Apartment

Norfolk Mansions is one of the mid-range hotels in Saigon particularly suitable for families. It is a great option for families as the serviced apartment has more space compared to traditional khách sạn rooms, while still offering special touches lượt thích a rooftop pool, fitness center, và a multi-lingual library, và a children’s playroom. Many of the hotel’s packages not only includes không lấy phí breakfast but also allows one child lớn stay for free. Located in Ho đưa ra Minh District 1, Norfolk Mansion is also in a great location, near khổng lồ the Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens, perfect for a family day out!

Norfolk Mansion

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Business Travellers

The economic heart of Vietnam, a đứng top destination for foreign direct investment, & a new central business district being developed, Ho đưa ra Minh city is often visited by business travellers. Good wifi, modern rooms, and great value is a must for you!

5. Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel

Business travellers look no further on where to lớn stay in Ho đưa ra Minh City. The Ibis Saigon Airport khách sạn is a true business hotel, it comes equipped with a business centre, meeting rooms, a swimming pool, room service & on-site restaurants. Being right next door to lớn Tan Son Nhat airport also means that you can zip in và out of the thành phố if necessary. As icing atop the cake, the Ibis khách sạn also has a rooftop bar with views of the busy airport và delectable cocktails.

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Being a frequent business traveller lớn Ho chi Minh city means you have the opportunity lớn explore different parts of Saigon, away from the usual tourist haunts. The khách sạn is located next to Phu Nhuan District, guests can visit the tree lined Gia Dinh Park, a green lung of the city. Or head to the Chinatown area in District 5 and kiểm tra out Binh Tay Market for a slice of real local life.

Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel

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6. Meander Saigon

Meander Saigon caters more to the digital world nomads who can live and work from any where. Digital nomads looking khổng lồ stay in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị will find that Meander will suit your needs very well, not just an budget hotel, Meander is also a co-working space. Here, you can network and meet like-minded individuals, while the bright, clean, modern rooms make for a pleasant stay.

This also a great location to explore the city, a ten minute walk around will show you various colonial buildings, charming temples, & a slightly further walk will take you to lớn Ben Thanh Market.

Boutique Hotels

If you are looking for quality luxury but prefer not to lớn stay at an international hotel chain, these boutique hotels are the answer to lớn where to lớn stay in Ho chi Minh city that is special và memorable.

7. The Myst Dong Khoi

The Myst Dong Khoi is perhaps the most unique looking building in the city! It features oddly shaped windows và irregular curves, designed by Vietnamese architecture firmA21 studio. A21 studio’s architect Nguyen Hoa Hiepexplains that the structure is ‘a deliberate departure from a typical hotel typology và draws curiosity và a sense of exploration. The hotel’s winding corridors with concrete ceilings and exposed sprinkler pipes are more reminiscent of the Saigon streetscape’.

The Myst on-site restaurant offers their special take on local and international delights. Something surprising is that their buffet is served from a nine-metre wooden boat, typical of the vessels that float down the Saigon River.

8. Mia Saigon

Set on the peaceful banks of the tranquil Saigon River, the Mia Saigon is located a little further from the heart of the city. In a quiet corner of District 2, away from the chaos of the thành phố center, Mia feels lượt thích it is in a world of its own. A stunning white & black building with an incredible outdoor swimming pool, this place has relaxing tropical vibes.

Arguably, Mia Saigon is the best khách sạn when it comes to outdoor pools. Its beautiful saltwater swimming pool is located right next the the Saigon River, soak while taking in unobstructed views on the sun setting over the cityscape. Also, located nearby in Thao Dien Ward, home to a large expat community, are some of the best restaurants to lớn be found in Saigon.

Affordable Hotels

Hoping for an affordable hotel that is a wonderful base khổng lồ explore the city? We have got you covered. These two hotels are some of Saigon’s best kept secrets, & they deliver on comfort, location, service and even design, while not breaking the bank. Many of the smaller hotels in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị are also often family run, so staying there has the added plus of tư vấn local businesses.

9. La Bonte Boutique Homes

A shophouse refurbished into a charming boutique hotel, La Bonte is nestled in a little hem (side street) of the famous Nguyen Trai shopping street in District 1. Each room is beautifully designed & decorated differently, marrying modern facilities with Vietnamese grace. The rooftop terrace is a delightfully peaceful spot to unwind after a fun day out. Previous guest have found the hotel’s service to be warm, hospitable, và personalised.

Explore the area and you will find plenty of great street eats, the renown ‘Banh ngươi Huynh Hoa‘ is literally less than a minute walk away. Or head across the street khổng lồ Asiana Food Town, a food court featuring southeast asian treats. If you are looking for local culture, visit the nearby Ben Thanh Market or Jade Emperor Pagoda. While nightlife seekers can also walk over lớn Bui Vien Street for beers and shots.

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10. Khách sạn le Jardin Secret

Hotel le Jardin Secret, as its name suggests is a little hideaway gem, tucked away across the waterway in District 4. It is a neoclassical style building with an imposing front that leads to lớn well appointed rooms (some with large bath tubs!) and a cosy lap pool.

District 4 rarely turns up as a suggestion for where to lớn stay in Ho chi Minh thành phố for tourists, as the district remains largely local and residential. However, it is actually right next to lớn District 1, making it an ideal location khổng lồ see the city!

Accommodation Ace

Luxury seekers, business travellers, family vacationers, & holidayers on a budget alike, look no further on where khổng lồ stay in Ho chi Minh City, our danh mục of 10 hotels has been well researched & reviewed. Wherever you choose as your Saigon base, read our ultimate guide lớn the đô thị before setting off lớn explore!

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