The best restaurants in district 1, ho chi minh city


Known for her rich history, friendly town folks & incredibly cheap & delectable eats, Ho Chi Minch City is the best place for foodies to lớn embark on an all-you-can-eat extravaganza.

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Sure we all know what a good pho or banh mi should taste like, or so we believe we vì. Prepare lớn have your perceptions completely flipped on its head. Though, it’s only fair that we warn you that having your favourite Vietnamese treats in Singapore won’t be the same anymore.

If that doesn’t deter you at all, dive sầu inlớn true-blue Vietnamese food starting from the baông chồng alley streets of Ho Chi Minch khổng lồ some of the poshest looking bars. To help guide you along, here’s our Ho Chi Minh City District 1 food guide.


While pho, spring rolls và banh mi are great, they aren’t all that Vietphái nam is good for. Tucked away along a quiet street in Ho Chi Minc City’s District 1, lies 33 De Tsi mê Restaurant.

Specialising in zi char-style cooking, their thực đơn boasts a wide range of delights ranging from the usual lớn the exotic, & not only is the unique topnotch, but the price is also unbelievably affordable as well.

Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1Ho Chi Minch City 700000Daily: 11am – 1.30am



If you’re looking for a bar with great vibes & wines, look no further than khổng lồ BRIX Winebar Kitchen. BRIX serves a great range of charcuterie, cold cuts & cheeses on their thực đơn that pair excellently with their wines.

You can phối và match a few of your favourites khổng lồ enjoy while you drink the night away.

42 Pasteur StreetHo Chi Minch CityHo Chi Minh 700000, VietnamMon khổng lồ Sat: 11am – 12amSun: 1pm – 12am



L’amant Café impresses with both its gorgeous decor và a sensational medley of tasty treats. Conveniently located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, the elaborate yet cosy café is best known for their range of Vietnamese coffee & contemporary Vietnamese dishes.

It certainly is a must lớn pop in for a nice warm cuppage authority or some cafe food too if you fancy it.

12 Nguyên Huê, Ben NghéHo Chí Minc, VietnamSun khổng lồ Mon: 7.30am – 11pmSat: 7.30am – 10.30pm



When visiting Ho Chi Minch City, no one ever leaves without paying the acclaimed Lunch Lady a visit. This internationally-renowned street food stall—located just a few steps away from popular pho joint, Pho Phuong 25—is famous for their down-to-Earth, rustic charm và thực đơn that rotates daily.

Until today, Lunch Lady is still highly patronised by locals, tourists, as well as food bloggers from around the world.

23 Hoang Sa StreetPhuong Da Kao, District 1 (Quan 1)Daily: 9am – 3pm



Mama Pho has a stellar pho-centric menu, featuring not only different flavours of the classic soup-based pho. Here is where you’ll find unique pho-based creations such as their Crispy Pan-Fried Pho, Rolled Pho and even Wok-Fried Pho.

You won’t find many locals dining here given its higher price point, but Mama Pho is worth a visit regardless.

111, Hem So 9,Ben Nkẹ Quan 1,Ho Chí Minh, VietnamDaily: 8am – 10pm



Specialising in a variety of Vietnamese dishes from the classic pho, grilled meat dishes to some pretty exotic items as well, Mâm Bac is a 2-storey eatery in Ho Chi Minh’s District 1 that is worth visiting for a pleasant introduction to local flavours in a modern & comfortable setting.



A popular pit stop aao ước the Vietnamese locals, Nhu Lan Bakery houses a banh mày kiosk, a proper sit-down Vietnamese eatery as well as a delicatessen and meat grocer.

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They serve sầu everything under the sun, from bowls of pho bo to a massive selection of banh mày toppings & even some other local delicacies not commonly found elsewhere.

50 Ham Nghi,Ben Nlép, Quan 1Ho Chi Minch City, VietnamDaily: 4am – 11pm



Like Pho, Bahn Mi is found in every street corner, available in fancy food joints and street stalls anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, và definitely here at Nhu Lan Bakery too.

While Banh Mi usually features pork pabổ, a variety of cooked meats, Vietnamese hams và sausages và more, you can also customise your own Bahn Mi from their wide variety of toppings here too!

50 Ham Nghi,Ben Nxịt, Quan 1,Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamDaily: 4am – 11pm



While strolling through Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll inevitably come across a street cart or two selling gorgeous colourful glutinous rice desserts topped with coconut cream and desiccated coconuts, making for that perfect Instagram shot.

We vị recommkết thúc asking locals for the best recommendations và asking for the price before ordering though.



Known as Banh Trang Nuong, it’s a type of rice cracker more commonly found in Ho Chi Minc City. A rice paper sheet is toasted over a charcoal fire khổng lồ a nice crisp before being topped up with ingredients such as diced vegetables, cream cheese, quail eggs, minced meat & a variety of sauces.

If you see a stall lượt thích this around Ho Chi Minc City, vày not hesitate!



Having been around for the past đôi mươi years, these folks know how lớn serve up a proper bowl of pho, so skip your McDonald’s và head over to lớn Pho Ha for a delicious late-night bite instead.

Meaty & straightforward yet brimming with heady notes of spices, there really is no questioning why the locals here can have this every single day.

19 Hai Trieu, District 1,Ho Chi Minc City, VietnamDaily: 4pm – 2am



Specialising in an assortment of chicken dishes, pho & hearty soups, this humble eatery may not seem like much at first, but it really does impress with its wide array of menu offerings. Also great if you’re in a hurry—because service here is lightning quiông xã while packing a substantial arsenal of yummy delights with their chicken dishes standing out the most.

Ben Nghe, District 1,Ho Chi Minc City, Vietnam



For a truly authentic & out-of-this-world beef pho experience when in Ho Chi Minch City, you really have lớn drop by Pho Phuong 25.

Besides offering tasty bowls of pho, they feature both indoor and open-air seating, you could easily bask in the aroma of simmering beef broth và freshly plucked herbs surrounding the entire eatery.

25 Hoàng Sa, District 1,Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamTue to Sun: 5.30am – 9pmMon: 5.30am – 1pm



Essentially the Starbucks of Vietphái mạnh, this Vietnamese-born chain is best known for their tea and their iced teas are a big hit with many people of all ages, và although it might resemble the look và feel of a commercial coffee & tea chain, it was far from it.

It’s the perfect place to lớn pop by and grab a quichồng iced coffee or tea & go about the rest of your day in the thành phố.

29 Ngo Duc Ke Q 1Ho Chi Minh City 70000, Vietnam giới (Multiple outlets located within District 1)



If you’re planning khổng lồ take a short break before embarking on more adventures in HCMC, take a break at The Running Bean & lounge in one of their comfortable seats inside or al fresco. This gorgeous cà phê boasts a boho-theme, similar to the ones you’d typically expect to lớn find in Bali.

They serve up ice cold smoothie bowls that are nothing short of perfect lớn cleanse & detoxify all the Vietnamese coffee và street food you’ve probably had by now.

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115 Ho Tung Mau Dist.1,Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamDaily: 8am – 10.30pm

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