Best Time To Visit Halong Bay For Perfect Weather & Great Deals


Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site & one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is a must-see attraction for every avid traveler when visiting Vietnam giới. In case you are wondering about the best time to see, explore & experience this tourist hotspot, this may be the best post you’ll read today! We’ve sầu got you covered, read on…

“When is the best time khổng lồ visit Halong Bay?” This is actually a common question, và the answer is a little complicated. It all depends on your concept of a perfect trip. It depends on whether you’re after the best khuyễn mãi giảm giá or the best time to come when the weather is at its finest.

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Let’s break it down khổng lồ bits. If you concerned about the weather, schedule your visit from September khổng lồ November or from March to lớn May. These periods are perfect for a memorable trip to Halong Bay. The pleasant temperature & dry weather will allow you take in all the sights và sounds while enjoying all the amenities and activities on board the ship.

If you are traveling on a budget và wish to lớn get the best possible giảm giá khuyến mãi, then book your trip from May to September. This is considered the off season & most cruise companies offer huge discounts on cabin accommodation. You can save up khổng lồ 50 percent on your cruise when compared lớn other times of the year.

Winter in Halong Bay (January to February)

Halong Bay on a foggy day is like a mistery

The weather is normally cold và foggy with relatively low visibility. There’s ample sunlight during the day but in the morning and late in the afternoon expect some drizzle and fog. During this time you’ll see a somewhat ‘mystical’ Halong Bay because the limestone mountains are partly covered by fog. The advantage of visiting during this season is that the cất cánh is less crowded và you’ll get to experience Tet or Lunar New Year – the most important holiday in Vietphái mạnh. Hence, you can admire both the beauty of Halong Bay & the festive sầu mood everywhere you go.

Please bear in mind that certain activities lượt thích swimming or diving may not be permitted if the weather becomes too cold.

Halong Bay in Spring (March-April-May)

The average temperature during this period is 24°C, although there’s high chance of rain, particularly during March. Humidity is just starting khổng lồ rise so the weather is generally pleasant, with clear blue skies. It’s therefore perfect for outdoor cruise activities lượt thích roông xã climbing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. The warm weather và the clear skies make Halong Bay more vivid compared to lớn other months of the year. Spring is also Halong’s squid season, so you’ll get lớn spover an evening catching squid with the local fishermen.

. In spring, humidity is just starting khổng lồ rise so the weather in Halong Bay is generally pleasant, with clear xanh skies.
Squid fishing

TIP: Try lớn avoid the last week of April because it coincides with the national holiday of Vietnam. It’s likely that there will be lots of domestic tourists & price may slightly increase.

Summer Time in Halong Bay (June-July-August-September)

The weather can be clear & sunny, but for Westerners it can be extremely hot. If you wish to lớn enjoy an unobstructed view of the landscape, particularly from a seaplane, this is the best season to lớn do so. There’s also more time for water activities than in fall và winter. The temperature ranges from 29 to lớn 32°Cso you can soak in the sun as much as you like.

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In general, the month of August is the hottest time of the year. Ironically though, it can also be the wettest. The showers come often but they don’t last long so you can just relax at the khách sạn & continue your activities the following day with a bright blue sky.

June to lớn early September is the summer vacation in Vietnam so Halong Bay sees a high volume of domestic tourists.This also coincides with the rainy season with ahigher chance of typhoons. Your trip or cruise can either be canceled or delayed, but almost all cruise companies offer refunds or they will reschedule your itinerary in such case.

Swimming in Halong Bay

TIPS: If you plan khổng lồ visit Halong Bay during the summer months you’ll have to lớn bring sunglasses, sunbloông xã, swimwear, insect repellent, flip-flops/waterproof shoes, a cap or wide-brimmed sun hat, và a sweater for cold mornings and evenings. In addition, summer is the most active sầu time for jellyfish, so ask your guide for advice before going for a swyên.

Halong Bay in Fall (October-November-December)

This is an excellent time ifyou plan to visit Halong Bay because the weather is perfect for cruising. The humidity level drops significantly & the average temperature is around 13-21°C. The sky is crystal clear, the wind is gentle, & there is less rainfall. The local tourist season is also over.

In fall, the sky of Halong Bay is crystal clear, the wind is gentle, và there is less rainfall

You can enjoy more sunshine, which isn’t as harsh as in summer. These months are also the best ones for squid fishing and there are moredeals & special promos.

TIPS: Take advantage of the fine weather và see to lớn it that you visit popular attractions of Halong Bay lượt thích Co To Island, Tuan Chau Islvà, Luon Cave, the Vung Vieng Floating Fishing Village, among mỏi others.

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If you want a more comprehensive take about the weather on a monthly basis, kindly check the các mục below. You’ll get to lớn learn what khổng lồ expect in terms of temperature, sunlight, humidity, và rainfall. You’ll also know the pros and cons of visiting Halong Bay on any given month.

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There is no right or wrong answer as to when is the best time to lớn visit Halong Bay. It is all up to lớn you, your preferences, schedule and budget. Perhaps it would be best lớn let your heart decide! During the warm months, you can take advantage of water activities, while in the cooler months you will be able lớn enjoy Halong Bay like no other. Just imagine having a steamy, sumptuous meal by the caves in one of the world’s most majestic natural wonder – it’s really about the experience & the memories that will last a lifetime.