Vietnam Airlines Shuttle Bus

Hello I would lượt thích to know where the Vietnam giới Airlines bus departs from in Hanoi to lớn the Airport and what times and what cost

Thank you very much



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Hanoi Map:

On the maps of Hanoi, the minibus stop is code 70 - to lớn the left of the S. end of Hoan Kiem Lake in the South of Center section - opposite the Vietnam Airlines building

Earlier this year it was $2. one way - it stops running about 7pm

Hi Paul

For the bus to lớn Noi Bai airport you can find at Hoan Kiem Lake near the old town. But you can take the Noi bai xe taxi aiport is cheaper than others. Hope that you will find it. it costs about 10 - 12 US dollars for one way



Hi easypaul,

No 1 Quang Trung Str Vietnam giới Airline Office, It is near Hoan Kiem Lake about 3USD/1way or Big Bus No: 7 from Kim Ma or N: 17 from Long Bien

Good Luck!


Does the minibus at No 1 Quang Trung Str Vietnam giới Airline Office leaves at regular interval?

I am travelling alone and is considering taking the minibus to the airport but is afraid it will only departs when it's filled up.

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I don't want to miss my flight, any advise will be much appreciated.


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The bus leaves about 2.5hr before the scheduled flight time. Cheông xã with đất nước hình chữ S airlines lớn get daily schedule. In fact if your flight is not with Việt Nam airlines, you can still take the bus, cost $25,000VND (2US).

Hi MidQuest,

I have checked the vietnam giới airlines schedules và the minibus either leave too early or too late.

I have asked my khách sạn reception lớn check if any fellow travellers would lượt thích to tóm tắt taxi khổng lồ airport.

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Anyway, this is the end of my travel & I guess I don't really mind paying the taxi fare.