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This resort invites you khổng lồ experience the essence of Mediterranean luxury in one of the most beautiful beach areas in Vietnam. Located in the charming & picturesque coastal town of Ho Tram, this 5-star resort provides first-class facilities, amazing hospitality & exclusive services that will surprise & delight you.

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Unforgettable events

Specialist services to lớn make your event, meeting or wedding an unforgettable experience


The Level

Enjoy another màn chơi of elegance with our premium service. Exclusivity, comfort và personalisation are the hallmarks of a select service that defines you as someone very special. With exclusive access lớn private areas & rooms with superior-quality facilities thanks to lớn The Level.

Discover maximum comfort on Ho Tram Beach, immersed in a relaxed ambience in a room with a lovely balcony. Sleep in comfort, enjoy the bathroom with a rainshower & the wide range of amenities.

With incredible views of Ho Tram beach & lakes, savour the ocean from the balcony of this wonderful room. Discover a room with a choice of a king-size bed or two single beds and a magnificent bathroom.

Make yourself comfortable in a room separate from the main building and enjoy the lush green gardensand views of the peaceful lakes. Created for travellers who prefer lớn be surrounded by nature, it also provides a tropical outdoor shower.

Located on the second floor of the three-bedroom villa, which features a large balcony & a fantastic view of the beautiful Ho Tram Beach. Relax in the privacy of your bedroom on a comfortable bed & freshen up in your bathroom.

Everything you need for the most exquisite stay. A suite from which khổng lồ experience the magnificent Ho Tram sunset or sunrise from the balcony. It features a bedroom with a king-size bed, a separate lounge, & a luxury bathroom with a bathtub và dressing room.

An extraordinary two-bedroom suite with a large balcony with 360° views of the lush gardens & Ho Tram Beach. It comprises a master bedroom with a bathroom with a large bathtub & shower, và a second bedroom with a bathroom, as well as a comfortable dining area.

A room with an ocean view và two bedrooms: a master bedroom with a separate lounge, and another bedroom with two single beds, plus two bathrooms và a balcony. The perfect combination of two bedrooms khổng lồ ensure there is space for the whole family.

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Ideal for a lãng mạn getaway, this villa provides perfect accommodation for a very special occasion. Rest in your bedroom, enjoy the separate dining area & take a dip in your very private pool.

You deserve this villa paradise. An intimate refuge where you can just be yourself. Enjoy the sensation of well-being with the panoramic views from the terrace, pool or lounge.

Located on the edge of a beautiful lake và surrounded by gardens, this villa is a beautiful space with a large master bedroom with a bathroom, a lounge with a dining area, và a spacious second bedroom with a terrace, garden và tropical outdoor shower.

Designed for guests looking for an extra degree of elegance, you will love this three-bedroom villa with a pool. The terrace has a sundeck, gazebo & landscaped private gardens lớn help you create truly unforgettable memories. It also features a spacious lounge and dining room.

Feel the gentle sea breeze in this three-bedroom villa with views of the East Sea. Just a step away from all the serenity of the beach, it provides a lounge, dining area, & a wonderful terrace with a private pool. A space khổng lồ be enjoyed without any worries.

Fall in love with this three-bedroom villa with panoramic ocean views và direct beach access. A room with a huge terrace surrounded by nature & with a large infinity pool. It features a lounge with a dining room and elegant bathrooms that you will love.

The jewel in the crown of the Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort. A spectacular four-bedroom villa with an awesome terrace with a gazebo, sundeck and huge infinity pool with direct access to the beach. There is also a lounge and a dining room.

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The day you always dreamed about will come true at Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort. Allow us khổng lồ help you organise the most amazing event, conference, wedding or banquet. Discover exclusivity in each of the details that size part of your dream occasion in this idyllic location.