How To Go — Hai Phong To Cat Ba? ➡️ Tickets


How to get khổng lồ Cat ba from nhì Phong? The shortest way to go from nhì Phong to Cat bố is by Got ferry, tốc độ boat or Cat tía cable car. Those are the best ways.

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How khổng lồ get khổng lồ Cat cha from nhị Phong

I suppose you are not familiar with any of the places mentioned here so before we get down lớn the road of island - port – ferry terminal – flyover – etc., here are 3 parts of the journey with their associated spots:

(1) In hai Phong city (mainland), we have a very important spot: Binh ferry terminal.

(2) Then we have thetransit islandcalled cat Hai Island. In this island, please remember the Got ferry terminal.

(3) Finally, ourfinal destination– Cat tía Island. There’s two spots to remember: Cai Vieng ferry terminal và Phu Long port.

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See the bản đồ below to lớn have a better visualization.


Now it’s time to lớn choose the route that fits you the best.

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Option 1:You can take speedboat from Binh ferry terminal và go directly to lớn Cat bố Island (~250,000 VND – 60mins). It’s fast but expensive.


Timeline of Binhspeed boat

Binh to cat BaCat cha to Binh

Option 2:You can go khổng lồ the flyover calledTan Vu – Lach Huyenthat connect the mainland to mèo Hai Island.


There’s a parking lot at the Got ferry terminal where you can park your motorbike/car or you can just bring them with you và pay some extra fees.

Then from Got ferry terminal in this island, you take ferry (12,000 VND – every 30 minutes from 5AM to lớn 19PM - duration: 30 mins) or speedboat (80,000 VND – duration: 8 mins) khổng lồ Cat cha Island.

Depends of what means you choose, you will arrive in different places in Cat cha Island. When you arrive in Cat ba Island, take the bus lớn center town.Distance 23km.

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Got Ferry price


Ticket typePrice
Traveler12,000 VND / person
Motorbike45,000 VND / bike
Under-9-seat car190,000 VND / car
9-to-24-seat car210,000 VND / car
24-to-32-seat car240,000 VND / car
Over-32-seat car330,000 VND / car

TimelineGot Ferry

Departure time
No.Got PierCai Vieng
15h30’ (big ferry)5h00’ (big ferry)
26h00’ (big ferry)5h30’(big ferry)
36h30’ (big ferry)6h00’ (big ferry)
58h00’ (big ferry)7h30’ (big ferry)
79h00’(big ferry)8h30’ (big ferry)
89h30’ (big ferry)9h00’ (big ferry)
910h00’ (big ferry)9h30’ (big ferry)
1010h30’ (big ferry)10h00’ (big ferry)
1211h30’ (big ferry)11h00’ ((big ferry)
1412h30’ (big ferry)12h00’ (big ferry)
1613h30’ (big ferry)13h00’ (big ferry)
1814h30’ (big ferry)14h00’ (big ferry)
2015h30’ (big ferry)15h00’ (big ferry)
2216h30’ (big ferry)16h00’ (big ferry)
2317h00’(big ferry)16h30’ (big ferry)
2417h30’ (big ferry)17h00’ (big ferry)
2518h00’(big ferry)17h30’ (big ferry)


Timeline of Got tốc độ boat

Time for GotTime for Phù Long

Option 3:Bus nhị Phong to cat Ba

Bus hai Phong to cat Ba

Price from:150.000đ/ pax
Vehicle:Car & Speed Boat

Timeline of bus

From BinhFrom mèo Ba

Office address: 16 Ben Binh and 41 Ben Binh, Hong Bang, nhị Phong