This detailed transport guide outlines the different options for travelling from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An, from VIP khổng lồ budget. Including bus schedules, what lớn expect from road conditions, where to lớn stop along the way, and how to buy tickets online.

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Lantern-lit Hoi An Ancient Town & the popular beach-side thành phố of domain authority Nang (Danang) are two of South Vietnam’s must-sees.

With no airport or railway station in Hoi An, most visitors arrive via the city of da Nang, which is 29 kilometres or 45-90 minutes north.

The two cities aren’t far very apart – but there are many different ways lớn travel between them depending on your comfort preference and budget.

Da Nang to Hoi An. Maps data: Google Maps.

Da Nang to lớn Hoi An transport guide

This comprehensive guide for getting from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An is researched và up khổng lồ date for 2023. In this section, I’ll provide a broad overview of the options before going into the detail on all 5 transport methods.

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One of the most important things khổng lồ consider when choosing your transportation is how you’ll be arriving in Danang.

As you’ll see, Hoi An transfers depart from both da Nang Airport và Da Nang City. If you’re flying in, you’ll want a service straight from da Nang International Airport so that you don’t have khổng lồ fight through traffic to lớn get into the đô thị first.

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If you’re arriving in Danang by train or bus, cảnh báo that the railway station and bus depot are both located in Danang city. The railway station is conveniently located close khổng lồ the centre of town, but the main bus station is behind the airport, roughly 5km from the centre.

Similarly, if you’re planning to lớn spend a night or two in Danang before you continue on to lớn Hoi An, you’ll want a transport service that departs from the thành phố or offers hotel pick up.

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If you need lớn travel within da Nang – for example, to lớn get from the train station to lớn the bus depot – I highly recommend using Grab App (Southeast Asia’s answer to Uber) khổng lồ book a taxi or motorbike taxi.

5 ways to lớn travel from Danang khổng lồ Hoi An

In a rush? Here is a quick overview of the different transport options discussed in this guide: