Located by the magnificent Ma River và the enchanting seashore of trade-union.com.vn, 45 minutes from Tho Xuan Airport, FLC trade-union.com.vn Beach & Golf Resort is granted the beauty of nature & the best location in the North Central Coast of Vietnam. An exceptional four-season complex of entertainment và relaxation as the symphony of life awaits you.

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Inspired by nature, with an exceptional bow-shaped structure in the natural surroundings, with delicate design language & turquoise theme, FLC Luxury Hotel trade-union.com.vn presents an elegant vibe that is perfect for whoever needs a break in life.



A harmonious combination of modern, minimadanh sách living space & kitchen with relaxing porch outdoors.




An interesting mixture of an chất lượng stair structural design and high-rise building creates a charming FLC Gr& Hotel trade-union.com.vn. The khách sạn has a modern style as an ibé of FLC trade-union.com.vn Beach & Golf Resort.

Discover chất lượng dots in room design – the open bathroom & the exquisite space covered by courteous tone.

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Phòng ngủ lớn với nệm size King lý tưởng phát minh và không khí có phong cách thiết kế hiện đại vượt trội.

On a secret green way lớn the resort, feel tranquil sounds of ocean waves along with birdtuy nhiên, let all your chaos be blow out lớn get your taste of life.

Immerse yourself in nature, on the garden patio & feel great relaxation at the 01-bedroom villa that opens khổng lồ the garden surrounded by trees.


Delicate Dining Spot

Start your tasting journey with theme dinners including BBQ Party, Western or Eastern buffet, expertly mixed cocktails, exotic wines with a large variety of live sầu entertainment and enjoy cool breezes from the sea.

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