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Street markets are irreplaceable in Vietnam’s cultures, as they have sầu been a means to lớn make ends meet for the local people for so long. As time progresses, the markets have sầu become a tourist attraction for foreign visitors, but they can be hard to lớn find, especially in district 1 when there aren’t many markets beside the Ben Thanh market. However, at the start of 2017, the Sense Market at the September 23th Park became a phenomenon for its fantastic & diverse street foods, especially in Saigon street foods that can only be found in small street markets. Let’s dig deeper inlớn the market and see what’s waiting.

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1/ History of the market:

Not a single person would expect an average-kích thước shopping center underground. Instagram:

Opened in 2017, Saigon Sense Market is probably the youngest shopping centre in Ho Chi Minch City. The centre has earned a reputation for being the best underground market in the South of Vietnam giới. Mr Lam Ho, the director at Business Investment of the Southern Region and primary sponsor for the Sense Market project, stated that the company’s wish khổng lồ introduce Vietnamese cultures và cuisines khổng lồ the world led to lớn the birth of this market. Though being a newcomer compared to lớn other shopping malls and supermarkets in Vietnam, this market space, interestingly, was conceived around trăng tròn years ago. Some Taiwanese investors intended lớn build the biggest shopping và financial centre at the time. Unfortunately, Asia underwent a financial crisis in 1997, causing the cancellation of projects including the Sense Market. The underground area remained used as a basement for keeping traffic-violating vehicles, which was left unsupervised & ended up causing infrastructural damages. It was not until the start of 2017 that investors started to invest in refurbishing the old and deteriorating basement. When the market was finished, it immediately became a tourist attraction in Saigon mainly for its cultural diversity in dishes and cuisines.

2/ The location

The Sense Market, unlượt thích other supermarkets and shopping malls, is chất lượng for its distinctive sầu location. Never before has a small-scale food court been located inside a park và under a stage at the heart of the thành phố, making it very convenient for passers-by and tourists to lớn fill their stomach and while visiting district 1. This is because the market is 10-minute away on foot from the Ben Thanh market & is surrounded by different services và stores. There are two zones in the September 9th Park with the market being situated in Zone B, facing Psi mê Ngu Lao street and Le Lai street.

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With such a convenience surrounding the park, the Sense Market can cater to every visitor’ needs. Instagram:

For its money-making location, a number of food store owners & investors decide lớn open businesses in the market in the long run. And they made the right decision - since its opening, Saigon Sense Market has consistently made into lớn the danh mục of must-visit tourist sites in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting hundreds of visitors every day. Whether you go to lớn Vincom Plaza, Diamond Plaza, Hung Vuong Plaza, or any shopping malls in the city, it’s hard to lớn find a place that has an underground food court and an environmentally-friendly park above sầu ground. For travelers, especially Western travelers, they tkết thúc to lớn prefer a place that they can walk for leisure after having meals, và the Sense Market ticks all of the criteria. Even if there is such a place outside district 1, the travellers might not consider going there since district 1 is the most visited & recognizable area in Ho Chi Minc City. The only shortcoming is the opening time. Due to lớn the government’s regulations about running a business, the market is closed after 10:30pm, but that does not stop the market from being a candidate on the menu of best markets in Ho Chi Minc City.

3/ Inside the Sense Market

What distinguishes Sense Market from other malls in the city is the combination of a modern supermarket and a traditional food court that resembles street markets. Taka Plaza, a shopping mall, is the first area to lớn be in the visitors’ sight when entering the market. This 2000-square-metre mall contains more than 400 big and small fashion stalls, giving the visitors a range of hàng hóa choices at reasonable & affordable prices.

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A corner of the shopping mall that sells handbags và electronic devices. Instagram:

The deeper you go inside the plaza, the more fashion shops you can find. If not satisfied with one cửa hàng, the others are always available for you.

Fashion shops here can cover most of the visitors’ fashion taste and needs. Instagram: