Giới thiệu về văn miếu quốc tử giám bằng tiếng anh

Du lịch vn đang khôn xiết pháttriển với ngày các thu hút bạn bè quốc tế, tuy nhiên để biết rõ về địa điểm màdu khách mong mỏi đến mà sự không tương đồng ngôn ngữ là một hạn chế lớn, chính vì lẽ đó bàiviết giới thiệu Văn Miếu văn miếu quốc tử giám bằng giờ đồng hồ Anh sau đây sẽ là mộtví dụ giải quyết và xử lý tồn trên này mang lại khách quốc tế.

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Today, Quoc Tu Giam is aplace khổng lồ attract a lot of tourists to Hanoi. Not only is the witness of thethousand years of Hanoi capital, Quoc Tu Giam is also the school"born" many talented talent for the country. Follow the tourists tovisit Hanoi, Viet Fun Travel would lượt thích to introduce the Quoc Tu Giam Temple -the first university in Vietnam khổng lồ you. Invite you to lớn see through.

Temple Quoc Tu Giam is twoworks were built khổng lồ teach & worship Confucius & ancient scholars ofConfucian scholars. Temple was built in 1070 under King Ly Thanh Tong, and QuocTu Giam was built in 1076, under King Ly Nhan Tong.
It can be said that the Lydynasty was the most prosperous stage of education in Vietnam during the periodof feudal lordship and Quoc Tu Giam"s study. This is the most obvious evidenceof King Ly Nhan Tong"s determination lớn improve his education.
This is a work built topromote the spirit of learning the people as well as seeking talent for thecountry. After being built, studying in Quoc Tu Giam began in 1076.
Pupils (pupils) Quoc TuGiam, who passed the Huong examination, passed the examination at the Ministryof Ceremonies will be admitted to the National University khổng lồ hear lectures,writing to lớn prepare exam . Many well-known scholars have contributed to thecourt"s study in Quoc Tu Giam.
Today"s bầu study in theQuoc Tu Giam Temple, which is the former Quoc Tu Giam, for the students tostudy, the literature. This can be considered as the first national universityin Vietnam, the birthplace of talent for the country.
Temple of Literature is abeautiful tourist destination in Hanoi, located in the south of Thang Longroyal citadel, in an area of ​​55.027m2, divided into 5 separate areas by eachzone. The Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam archaeological complex from the entrance is theTemple of Literature, the Great Wall, the Khue Van Cac, dai Thanh & the ThaiTemple.

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The first area from themain temple gate khổng lồ the Great Gate. The two right hand side of the Great Gatehas two small doors, the door is called Thanh Duc (became a virtuous person),on the right called Dat Tai (become a talented).
Dai Trung tháng Gate wasbuilt in 3-storey architecture on the high brick, tile roof, the middle ofwhich hung a small sign of the three words dẻo Trung Mon.
The second area fromGreater nhật bản to Khue Van Cac - an architectural representation of Vietnameseliterature và education.
The third area consists oflarge square-shaped wells of Thien Quang, creating harmonious harmony for thewhole Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam relic và two rows of doctoral beer.
Each row has 41 beers, astone inscription on a turtle symbolizes immortality. 82 stone steles symbolizethe people who have ever achieved the title in Quoc Tu Giam, the most valuableartifact symbolizes the fondness of the Vietnamese people through 82examinations.
According lớn ancient ideas,the architecture of Khue Van The was built according khổng lồ the theory of yin andyang. Khue Van Cac has 8 roofs of the bowl, plus a roof above it is 9, thenumber is truu. According lớn the translation, the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 belongto the positive, Khue Van The has 9, ie the number of positive, representingthe sun.

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The Thien quang squarerepresents the ground, while the Khue Van The represents the sun, meaning QuocTu Giam is the center of all the essence of heaven and earth.
The fifth area is theTemple of Revelation worshiping the parents of Confucius & the thai School,where the training of the talents for the court.