Đi máy bay vietnam airline được mang bao nhiêu kg hành lý?


In order to lớn provide our passengers with comfort và convenience in their journey, Vietnam Airlines sets out the following baggage standards:

If passengers have owned tickets, they can access Manage Booking to kiểm tra eligible baggage standards.

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Any sản phẩm that exceeds weight and/or maximum kích cỡ (width + height + depth) required by Vietnam Airlines may be re-packed, charged with an excess baggage fee, sent as cargo, or rejected. The không tính phí baggage allowance might vary for different carriers. Please kiểm tra other relevant rules if the flights are connecting khổng lồ other carriers" or taking any Vietnam Airlines" codeshare flights operated by other airlines.


Hand Baggage

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Hand baggage

Class of service Hand baggage
Business Class
Economy Class

56(A) X 23(B) X 36(C)cm (A) + (B) + (C) 30(D) X 15(E) X 40(F)cm (D) + (E) + (F)

For safety reasons, the weight và dimensions of carry-on baggages should follow:

The total weight of hand baggage must not exceed: For Economy class: 12kg/26lb including 01 piece of carry-on baggage up to lớn 10kg/22lb và 01 accessory; For Premium Economy/Business class: 18kg/40lb including 02 pieces of carry-on baggage (up to lớn 10kg/22lb for each piece) & 01 accessory. The maximum form size and three dimensions (length, width, height) of baggage should follow: For 01 piece of carry-on baggage: 115cm (56cm x 36cm x 23cm); For 01 accessory: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm.

In addition to the above carry-on baggage standards, passengers may take some personal items on board miễn phí of charge. Please find information about personal items here.

Carry-on baggage for children under two years old should not exceed 3kg (including food, milk, and nappy) & one foldable stroller/cradle that fits inside the overhead bins. If overhead bins are out of place, strollers/cradles are transported as checked baggage (free of charge).

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Important information:

If your hand baggage exceeds the quantity, weight và dimensions specified above, the baggage must be checked.

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On some routes, largecarry-on baggages that do meet the standards may still need to be checked in at the gate with không lấy phí of charge due to lớn limited space of overhead bins (particularly for ATR72 or A321 aircrafts).