Ho Chi Minh Shopping


Locally called Saigon, Ho Chi Minc đô thị is situated in southern Vietnam giới và is known for its participation in the Vietphái mạnh war. The main attractions of this city are the French colonial landmarks spread across this thành phố và are wonderful khổng lồ look at. Ho Chi Minc shopping is another experience which is wonderful và you will find a great variety of things & souvenirs for your loved ones.

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10 Best Places To Enjoy Ho Chi Minc Shopping

Every siêu thị or market in Ho Chi Minch city has something chất lượng and different about themselves. Take a look at the best places for shopping in Ho Chi Minc 2022 that you ought to visit!

Parkson Plaza Departmental StoreThe New DistrictBen Tkhô nóng MarketVincom CenterRoobik ZooKhaisilkAn Dong MarketDiamond PlazaSaigon SquareBin Tay Market

1. Parkson Plaza Departmental Store


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The first place on this Ho Chi Minc shopping guide is Parkson Plaza. This amazing place is a one-stop cửa hàng for all the shopping freaks who are looking for a variety of things under one roof. The ground floor is where you will find an amazing range of cosmetics và perfumes which you can demo & try here. The first floor is packed with all the fashion wears for men và women and then you have your second floor that has sophisticated trang chủ ware. Restaurants are on the fourth floor where you can relax và have a great meal after shopping & going around this store.

Address: 45 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1Timings: 9:30-22:00

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2. The New District


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One of the most frequented places for shopping in Ho Chi Minh is the New district and you should pay a visit here. This is a flea market which is beautiful and one should visit this market if they love sầu artistic things. This market is conducted during the weekends where usually local designers get a chance lớn display their work to a huge crowd. The market was started in the year 2015 and is going strong since then. Live sầu, Heverly, Ubarnists & Pop Birdy are some of the local brands that are seen here.

Address: Cargo Event Space, District 4

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3. Ben Tkhô hanh Market


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This is one of the most popular markets for Ho Chi Minc shopping and is well known aý muốn the locals & the tourists. This market is lively at night as well as during the day time. You can see people just roaming around this must-see market in Vietnamese and you can also spot many locals that visit this market early in the morning khổng lồ collect some fresh produce.

Address: Ben Thanh, Ho Chi Minc CityTimings: 6:00-24:00

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4. Vincom Center


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This center is a colonial building that is known as the largest centers for shopping in Ho Chi Minc. This luxurious center has around 250 shops spread across the building. There are two buildings in this center and both are equally important. Vincom center A is the first building & a low rising colonial building và has amazing foreign brands lượt thích Ralph Lauren included in them. Vincom Center B is the other building that has the first four floors of the glass skyscrapers and has the local brands và homeware included in them. With so much khổng lồ offer, it’s one of the best Ho Chi Minh shopping places.

Address: 171 Dong Khoi & Le Thanh khô Ton StreetTimings: 9:00-22:00

5. Roobik Zoo


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This amazing shopping complex is really popular & loved by the locals for Ho Chi Minch City shopping. They phối up this market under a container in the city’s local zoo. About 1000 vendors come here so that they can sell and showcase their stuff khổng lồ a great audience. Stalls of fashion clothing, accessories, decorating materials & food can be seen here. They are well organized & the things are rated at affordable prices.

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Address: Ben Nghe, Quan 1Timings: Monday-Friday: 5-12 pm, weekends: 9-12 am

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6. Khaisilk

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This luxurious boutique in Vietnamese is known for its beautiful fashion và homeware made from silk fabrics. They have a great chất lượng và have sầu priced their products accordingly. This shop started as a local br& and now is a well-known international br& & this is a great success for this siêu thị. This Ho Chi Minch shopping market has amazing scarves, bed sheets, dresses and handbags that you will love.

Address: 107 Dong Khoi, District 1Timings: 10:00-22:00

7. An Dong Market

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Counted among mỏi the best Ho Chi Minh thành phố shopping markets, An Dong Market should be on your itinerary! This market is for all the craft lovers and basically it is a wholesale market for locals but on the top floor are all the amazing things that are worth buying as souvenirs or gifts. They have great handicraft materials and they showcase the hard work that people put in maintaining the traditional wood work và lacquer which is Vietnam’s heritage.

Address: An Duong Vuong street, district 10Timings: 8:00-14:00

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8. Diamond Plaza

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This plaza is situated between many popular attractions of this thành phố và is quite popular for all the chất lượng products that are sold here. This is a converted period building with several floors of shops that have sầu great products. They have sầu separate shops và floors of men’s & women’s clothing và some of them are of homeware and sporting goods. Dining & entertainment venues here are also great. Head lớn the plaza famous as the best spot for Ho Chi Minc City shopping

Address: 34 Le Duan Street, District 1Timings: 9:30-22:30

9. Saigon Square

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Another popular Ho Chi Minc City shopping center aý muốn locals and tourists is the Saigon square. This is a two storey shopping mall which sells wholesale stuff at very affordable prices. They have everything from handbags khổng lồ men & women’s clothing here. They have sầu a huge collection of handbags, swimwear, shoes, luggage, jewelry & much more.

Address: 77 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, district 1Timings: 8:00-22:00

10. Bin Tay Market

Also called Binh Tay Market, Cholon is situated right at the edge of District 5 in the thành phố of Ho Chi Minch. It’s a fabulous place for experiencing the local Buddhist culture. You can buy a variety of handicrafts & local goods at this market at reasonable rates. The market offers all visitors a vivid atmosphere amidst old-worldly Chinese architecture và the chance khổng lồ piông chồng from a huge range of fascinating handicrafts, lacquerware, textiles, & fresh farm produce. The market also has an open-air food court for its shopaholic visitors who might want to lớn grab a bite after a tiring shopping spree and might want khổng lồ indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine lượt thích Vietnamese noodles, banh bao, and Chinese sausages. It’s aý muốn the best Ho Chi Minc thành phố shopping street for budget shopping.

Address: 57 Thap Muoi, District 6, Ho Chi Minh CityTimings: 7 AM – 6 PM

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These markets for Ho Chi Minh shopping will be a paradise for the Shopaholics out there. If you’re soon planning a vacation in Vietnam, then book your trip to lớn Vietnam giới with trade-union.com.vn và splurge your money at these affordable shopping places in Ho Chi Minch city!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ho Chi Minc Shopping

What can one buy in Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam?

Vietnam thành phố is famous for selling Marou chocolates, Ao Dai (Vietnamese national costume), Conical straw hat, tea and coffee, propagandomain authority art and authentic Ceramics which one can buy while shopping in Ho Chi Minc đô thị.

What is famous in Vietnam for shopping?

Vietnam is considered khổng lồ be a paradise for silk, handicrafts & rice paper products. Alongside that one can buy bandanas as souvenirs.

What bởi vì tourists buy in Vietnam?

The Bamboo và woody products are some of the eco-friendly souvenirs which are available at every tourist site in the country.

What to bởi buy from Saigon?

People can buy things like hvà embroidery, silk items, propagandomain authority art & ceramics while they are in Saigon.

Is it safe in Ho Chi Minch city?

Ho Chi Minc city is considered lớn be quite safe and ranked as 68th out of the 162 safest và most dangerous cities.

Which is better Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh?

Both Hanoi và Ho Chi Minch are quite popular holiday destinations in Vietnam giới và known for their individual features. Hanoi is the thành phố which is famous for still holding the traditional lifestyle while Ho Chi Minh is an urban landscape which is best for the luxury travelers.

Is it allowed to lớn wear shorts in Vietnam?

Vietnam is actually a conservative country, thus it is necessary to lớn refrain from wearing obscene clothes. While the dress code is quite relaxed in the mega cities, but one should avoid wearing shorts & low cut tops at the local fish market. One can wear all these attires on a beach.

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