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"KL Hop On Hop Off at a glimpse"

Tour with us and experience Kuala Lumpur lượt thích never before, và explore the city with a panoramic view to remember.It'sTHE BEST CITY TOUR OF KUALA LUMPUR

Let us bring you khổng lồ the every aspect of Kuala Lumpur. From the hi-rise building up lớn the skyscrapers, towards the historical places and the green scenery that amidst of this attractive sầu & recreational tour. Hassle free, worries no more, you are the timekeeper for your own travel.

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The ONLY OPEN TOP. Double Dechồng bus in Kuala Lumpur, with the lively guide và the helpful ground crew to lớn assist you during the tour. KL Hop On Hop Off also famous for the main transport that connected to more than 60 sites và attractions in Kuala Lumpur, it is also being recognized as a tourist-friendly transportation system. With a 27 designated stops, you will get to lớn know Kuala Lumpur like never before.

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TipsWe recommkết thúc for you to start your tour in the morning khổng lồ avoid traffic congestion after 4PM.Peak Hours : 4PM onwards

More Information

TICKETAll you need lớn know about our ticketWe offer24 HOURS và 48 HOURStickets. Ticket holders are allowed to lớn hop-on và hop-off at any of our stop, with the choice of ticket validity of 24 & 48 hours.

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Types of tickets :Non Malaysian24 HoursStandard Adult : RM 50.00Standard Child/Student : RM 25.00Family Package : RM 140.0048 HoursStandard Adult : RM 74.00Standard Child/Student : RM 38.00Malaysian24 HoursStandard Adult : RM 25.00Standard Child/Student : RM 15.00Family Package : RM 65.0048 HoursStandard Adult : RM 40.00Standard Child/Student : RM 25.00TOUR PACKAGEBatu Caves Shuttle TourTime : 10.00am và 2.00pmRM 35.00 (Adult)RM 15.00 (Child)KL City of Light TourRM 50.00 (Adult)RM 25.00 (Child)Putrajaya Night Bride TourRM 1trăng tròn.00 (Adult)RM 65.00 (Child)Where can i get the ticket?

Online TicketOn the BusAuthorized AgentKiosk Bukit Bintang (Stop number 1)Malaysia Tourist Center (Stop number 6)Bukit Bintang Tourist Information Counter

TipsIt's important that you keep your ticket all the time, as they will be a regulated ticket checking from time lớn time. And please ensure that you've sầu redeem your voucher with the official ticket.