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Vietphái mạnh aao ước the top countries loved by Digital Nomads globally

With the advantage of owning a long coastline, up khổng lồ 3,200 kilometers with countless bays, Vietphái nam has become a favorite destination of many visitors globally.

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Two Vietphái mạnh beaches aước ao Asia's most beautiful: TripAdvisor

An Bang và My Khe in central Vietphái nam have been voted ahy vọng the most beautiful beaches in Asia by TripAdvisor readers.


Announcement of geographical indications for Cu Lao Cđê mê Salanganes' nest

The announcement ceremony of geographical indications for Cu Lao Csi Salangenes’ nest took place on April 21 on Cyêu thích Islands, Quang Nam province.


Vietnamese travelers seek out beach destinations ahead of national holida

Seven out of the 10 most sought after destinations by Vietnamese tourists prior khổng lồ the upcoming four-day national holiday comprise famous beach getaways, according to lớn Booking.com.


Hoi An bursts with weekkết thúc visitors after Covid-19 contained

Hoi An ancient town has been jammed by throngs of weekend tourists since early March with local Covid-19 outbreaks put under control.


Vietnam's Quang Nam, home to Hoi An, plans khổng lồ welcome international tourists carrying 'vaccine passports'

The central province of Quang Nam, home page lớn UNESCO-recognized Hoi An Ancient Town, is expected to lớn be Vietnam’s first locality lớn apply 'vaccine passport' policy once approved by the prime minister.


World impressive sầu bridges

Japanese Covered bridge (Cvào hùa Cầu in Vietnamese) in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province, Vietnam) is considered as one of the most impressive bridges in the world.


Foreigners to lớn Hoi An- goodwill tourism ambassadors

The Hoianians’ hospitality, friendliness and sincerity has turned foreign visitors khổng lồ Hoi An into lớn goodwill tourism ambassadors. They stated that they would introduce Hoi An, Quang Nam and Central Vietnam giới lớn their relatives và friends.


Hoi An launches new art performance to attract tourists

Hoi An People's Committee, the Voice of Vietphái mạnh (VOV), and the Quang Nam Tourism Association came together to co-host the "Hoi An Show” on March 28 as part of a range of activities aimed at restarting the central city’s tourism sector moving into lớn the post COVID-19 period.

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Reappearing Hội An Legendary Night in the early 20th century

“Hội An Legendary Night” held on the 14th night of every lunar month has become an outstanding cultural tourism hàng hóa, an sự kiện that receives much affection & leaves a deep impression on the hearts of people and visitors.


Information about attractive sầu & safe tour in Hội An from 20/3 - 1/5/2021

During the past time, due lớn the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hội An was quiet và deserted. Now the pandemic is controlled, Hội An city welcomes thousands of tourists every day, và tourism has gradually been restored. According to lớn statistics, in the first quarter of 2021, the thành phố welcomed more than 146,375 visitors to lớn Hội An (including 8,420 visitors buying entrance tickets) that proves the strange charm of a commercial port thành phố known as a “peaceful place” for visitors.



After a missed appointment due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hội An show - A unique, novel but close-knit real-scene art show about Hội An culture will be officially launched khổng lồ the audience on the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of the Liberation of Hội An city. This is also a thank you gift that Hội An wants to lớn skết thúc lớn people và tourists who always give sầu their affection to lớn Hội An & overcome difficult times with Hội An.


Hoi An- an amazing attraction

Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam province) may be the most attractive tourist destination. Visitors always want to return to lớn this place because of its charm.

Two Vietphái nam beaches amuốn Asia's most beautiful: TripAdvisor

An Bang & My Khe in central Vietphái mạnh have sầu been voted among mỏi the most beautiful beaches in Asia by TripAdvisor readers.


International Day of Happiness - Day of love sầu và share!

In June 2012, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 20 lớn be observed as the International Day of Happiness. It is not only a simple symbol, but also a day of action, more diligence & effort khổng lồ build the universal world & bring happiness và joy khổng lồ everyone on earth.


Six dishes put Quang Nam on the national culinary map

Six signature dishes from central Quang Nam Province have been included in the country's top 100 delicacies by the Vietphái nam Records Association.


Hanoi & Hội An in the top of the most popular destinations in the world in 2021

The TripAdvisor traveler-voted award was announced, in which many cities in Vietnam giới were aao ước the top famous destinations in the world and in Asia.

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Phong Nha, Hoi An and Ninc Binch are the top three most welcoming cities in Vietnam

Three destinations on the top danh sách of Traveler Review Awards 2021 that any travellers should visit once among muốn their lifetime.

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