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Staying at Le More Hotel lớn prepare my wedding, I was amazed by the supportive & friendly staffs. The hotel even suprised my family with a wedding cake. Next time, we will choose lớn stay at this khách sạn again, for sure!

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Dear Ms.Phuong, Thank you very much for your comments regarding your stay at LeMore Hotel. It is definitely a great pleasure khổng lồ receive sầu positive feedbachồng and we shall chia sẻ your comments with the team. We strive sầu to continuously provide exceptional services và I am sure that your feedbachồng will be an encouragement khổng lồ all the team. We are looking forward lớn welcoming you soon. Best Regards, LeMore Hotel Team.

My family planned to lớn check in late, around 7:30 pm. Since we were traveling by private oto, we did not make a reservation in advance. The evening shift receptionists are also very friendly, polite but not professional compared to lớn the 4-star level of the khách sạn. When I have completed the check-in payment & received the key, you vì not insize or inkhung me about the hotel's utility services (eg sports room, swimming pool, children's entertainment room). ), lớn let me know if it's không tính tiền or charged because I have sầu 2 children under 6 years old with me. Some other small details I am not very satisfied. Overall the khách sạn is not what I expected

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Nguyen T. D. Q.
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05 Apr 2022

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The hotel is very new và clean, the room is beautiful, the price is too good, the staff is enthusiastic, right in the center, very convenient lớn move sầu. Highly recommover