Nha trang airport transfer

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The xe taxi man was so friendly met us with a sign with my name on it at arrivals và helped us with with pur bags. Excellent driver, clean vehicle and loads of room on board. The same driver met us for the return journey sp we were delighted.
Your driver, Mark, was incredibly nice và helpful, and very informative on the drive there! He kept us entertained as well as we drove to the airport :)
A very good và efficient service. The driver was helpful & courteous, and very patient with us as we didn't speak French.The overall booking service, pick up & delivery works very well. The opportinities to update our service needs, phone numbers etc was managed with no difficulty by city Airport Taxi. Thank you so much. We are using the service again in Amsterdam & we are confident that it will go just as well.
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Nha Trang AirportNha Trang thành phố Centre



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Nha Trang AirportNha Trang city Centre



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Nha Trang AirportNha Trang city Centre



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Nha Trang is the most popular summer resort in Vietnam, well-known for its high-energy lifestyle and amazing beaches. The southern part of Nha Trang is the tourist hotspot, while Tran Phu is the backbone of the city. The beautiful promenade, palm trees và white sand beaches are one of the best parts of the city, while the central part is where the tiệc ngọt goes on till early in the morning.

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The most famous landmark, church & museum

The Po Nagar Cham Towers date back lớn the 11th century & are the most recognisable landmark in Nha Trang. Long Son Pagoda is a masterpiece featuring incredible mosaics, while at the top of the hill, there is a giant trắng statue of Buddha. The Nha Trang Cathedral in French gothic style is the oldest church in the city. The Alexandre Yersin Museum displays personal belongings & equipment of the famous French bacteriologist.

Public Nha Trang transportation

Nha Trang has an efficient bus system which covers the city. The bus lines 4 và 6 are most useful for tourists, as they pass by the southern quarters. There are also intercity bus lines to Hanoi, Ho bỏ ra Minh City & other cities in Vietnam.

Car rental in Nha Trang is an excellent option for exploring the beautiful coastline. There are car rental offices at the Nha Trang Airport, at different thành phố locations. Also, you can book the service online before your arrival.

Just as in the other cities in Vietnam, there are two types of Nha Trang taxi services: motorcycle và car taxis. Motorcycle taxis are convenient for short trips in the city if you’re alone, while regular Nha Trang taxis are usually used khổng lồ reach the beautiful Tran Phu Beach or Bai dẻo Beach, for example. Always use a trusted xe taxi company & minimise the risk of being ripped off.

Nha Trang airport transfer options

Cam ranh mãnh International Airport serves the thành phố of Nha Trang with domestic và international flights. It’s 30 km from the đô thị centre, and there are regular bus lines, as well as airport taxi & private airport transfer services.

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There is a regular bus line from Cam nhãi nhép International khổng lồ Nha Trang city centre during the day. It is a cheap option and especially convenient when carrying light luggage.

You can take an airport xe taxi at Nha Trang airport at any time of the day. The xe taxi rank is outside the terminal. The Nha Trang airport xe taxi service is charged by the meter, and it’s recommended to use a licensed taxi company only.

Book your private Nha Trang transfer

Private Nha Trang airport transfer is the most comfortable way to lớn start your holiday in Nha Trang. We organise transfers from Cam nhãi con International to any destination in Nha Trang in a suitable vehicle. You can book the service on our website và pay online or in cash lớn the driver. Everything is arranged before your arrival. So when you arrive at Cam rạng rỡ International, all you have to vày is relax and enjoy the ride.

We provide flight monitoring service, và we will adjust the pickup time if there are any flight delays. Also, our professional driver will meet you at the airport with a sign showing your name. The price of the transfer is fixed and varies according to lớn the destination và the type of vehicle.

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Check the price for a private xe taxi from Nha Trang Airport khổng lồ Nha Trang thành phố centre.