Non nuoc stone carving village


Thanks to great sophistication of artworks và tiny vivid souvenirs, Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village has long been famous worldwide. Visiting this village, tourists will have a chance lớn admire skilful carvers creating their beautiful sculptures.

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Apart from its great beaches and beautiful landscapes, da Nang boasts the Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village, which is a typical và unique craft village to lớn the south of the city. Situated right at the foot of the Marble Mountains to the southeast of da Nang City, far about đôi mươi km from Hoi An Old Town, this craft village has a proud history covering more than 200 years. The founder of the village was artisan Huynh ba Quat from Thanh Hoa province. In the late 18th century, he and others from his hometown brought their families lớn live in this village. Initially, the number of local people working stone carving is quite modest. In 19th century, the stone carving village became a traditional professional of the villagers. Products of the village today become exports which own high artistic values.

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Visiting Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village, tourists will not be able to resist the exquisite sculptures made from stone. Each work of art expresses the talent & sophistication of artisans. Tourists will comfortably contemplate a variety of hàng hóa categories, from Buddha statues, human statues, statues of Vietnam celebrities to decorative household products such as ashtrays, toothpick canister, millstone; jewelry such as bracelets, rings, neck strap... All patterns are meticulously and extremely sophisticated carved. In addition, international tourists coming here admire the talent of sculpture artisans & their unique products. Particularly, the craft village owns many artworks which were exhibited in many countries all over the world, such as "Dang Xuan" currently on display in Sydney (Australia), "Flat palm hat with fringes (Non quai thao)" on display at Kiri amusement parks (United States), or "Layout (Bo cuc)" built in a national park (New Zealand)...

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Previously, stones served production are mainly taken directly from Marble Mountains. However, to preserve & embellish the scenic spot, the main raw material was transferred khổng lồ exploit from Nghe An province, Thanh Hoa province, bầu Nguyen province, quang đãng Ninh province, Quang nam province, which is not related lớn the status quo of Marble Mountains. In addition, lớn maintain and develop their occupation, the Non Nuoc carvers are deeply aware of preserving their relic site and protecting their traditional skills. Apart from above northern regions, many precious stones are even imported from other countries. Materials used are varied such as limestone, marble, sandstones... White stone statues or statues mainly made from stone powder, molded và colored... Have turned Non Nuoc stone carving village into a diverse and colorful painting. In particular, precious and rare natural stones with colorful beauty và unique patterns, such as opals, quartzes strongly lured international tourists.