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Tọa lạc tại thị trấn George Town, Di sản Thế giới được UNESCO thừa nhận, Areca Hotel Penang cung cấp vị trí nghỉ ngơi tại bang Penang. Nơi trên đây bao gồm quán ăn cùng Wi-Fi miễn giá tiền trong toàn khuôn viên. The room is the same as phokhổng lồ.

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Tọa lạc trên Georgetown, Di sản Thế giới được UNESCO thừa nhận, Eastern & Oriental Hotel hỗ trợ vị trí làm việc di tích thay kỷ 19 nghỉ ngơi thị trấn Penang. The location of the khách sạn & the staff were very friendly. The room's view was nice & the outside smoking area was nice as well. The breakfast variety was diverse.


Situated in George Town, 500 metres from Wonderfood Museum, SAVV HOTEL features accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, không tính tiền private parking, a bar & a shared lounge. A real gem in George Town.. Posh on a budget, with a feeling lượt thích you're 'family'.. Cđại bại to lớn the Clan Jetties & the Jetty Bus Terminal, and only a short walk khổng lồ the Chulia Street nightlife.. staff is amazing.. The garden & pool area is pure tranquility, & well maintained. The included breakfast is very nice, with eggs cooked to order..


Set in George Town, 200 metres from Wonderfood Museum, The Prestige Hotel Penang offers accommodation with a restaurant, không tính tiền private parking & a fitness centre. Pretty room, khách sạn lobby và restaurant. Especially love sầu kiến thiết of the bath room! The hotel also provides không lấy phí complementary drinks & snacks. Convenient location with lots of street art nearby.

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Less than 1 km from Rainbow Skywalk at Komtar, Macalister Hotel by PHC is mix in George Town và provides air-conditioned rooms. It’s clean , great location and friendly staffs .

Situated within 1.8 km of 1st Avenue Penang, Victoria Garden Hotel in George Town features a terrace & rooms with free WiFi. very nice place. super friendly. The breakfast with nađắm say lemak và ayam rendang was wonderful. The room is very spacious và same for the bathroom.

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Strategically located in the vicinity of George Town's tourist attractions, Tien Hotel.Residence features a rooftop swimming pool và elegantly designed guest rooms. One of the best places I've stayed. Location is right smaông xã in the centre.Beautiful khách sạn và exceptional service.

Featuring 2-star accommodation, OYO 89809 Sogor Girls Dormitory is mix in George Town, 2.7 km from 1st Avenue Penang và 2.8 km from Rainbow Skywalk at Komtar. Honestly loved everything about this place. Clean bathroom, cozy bedroom, safe lockers, free use of tự động washing machine & dryers, fridge, không tính phí drinking water as well, etc. Particularly loved the pink sheets. :) Such a nice and comfortable place to lớn stay esp for female backpackers.