10 best things to do in phu quoc


Things to bởi vì in Phu Quoc & some famous tourist destinations will be fully introduced in this article. It can give you the best Phu Quoc travel guide for you to lớn be well-prepared for the upcoming trip lớn the pearl island.

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1. The đứng top things to vì in Phu Quoc you should know2. What to bởi vì in Phu Quoc Island at the beaches and on the islands?3. Phu Quoc where khổng lồ visit và what Phu Quoc activities to try?4. The best thing to vì chưng in Phu Quoc at night

For those who have never visited the pearl island before, the vị trí cao nhất things to vày in Phu Quoc as mentioned below are extremely useful to lớn help you have a wonderful first-time travel experience. Read this article to lớn the over in order to plan the upcoming trip with your beloved with ease.

1. The đứng top things to bởi vì in Phu Quoc you should know

With the Phu Quoc travel guide below, you will find it easier to lớn plan your trip to lớn this wonderful island:

1.1. Exploring the entertainment paradise VinWonders Phu Quoc

VinWonders Phu Quoc is a paradise of entertainment, adventure and discovery for all the tourists. The theme park is divided into 6 subdivisions inspired by the 12 themes of worldwide civilizations. Therefore, it will be a tourist destination that makes you fascinated in Phu Quoc.


With an area of nearly 50 hectares, VinWonders Phu Quoc will give you the feeling that you are traveling lớn many famous places around the world. For instance, you can explore the European Boulevard with its classic architecture from the 80s or the Tornado World where there are huge slides. In addition, when coming to the Magic World, you will have a chance lớn disguise yourself as fairy characters.


To enjoy these exciting experiences, you should book tickets of VinWonders Phu Quoc via the trang web trade-union.com.vn in order to lớn get some exclusive privileges. In particular, you will not have khổng lồ show paper tickets for checking in at the counter.

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1.2. Seeing animals in trade-union.com.vn Safari Phu Quoc

trade-union.com.vn Safari Phu Quoc is recognized as the first semi-wildlife conservation area in Vietnam. Unlike a common zoo where animals are locked in cages, at this place, you will have a quality experience when sitting on tramcars & seeing animals through a pane of glass.


In this way, animals can enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitats while you can clearly observe them, especially some rare animals such as the South African rhinoceros, the Indian tigers, the Kenyan zebras,... In addition, the animal shows & the wild Zulu dances of the African aboriginals here are what you should not miss.


1.3. Visiting Grand World Phu Quoc - "The sleepless city"

Grand World Phu Quoc is located in Phu Quoc United Center - one of the top-class resort & entertainment complexes in Vietnam. Coming lớn Grand World Phu Quoc, you will immediately feel the jubilant và bustling atmosphere with enjoyable activities twenty four seven. Besides, you also have an opportunity to lớn know more about Vietnamese culture through the show "The Essence of Vietnam".


For your best convenience to lớn visit Grand World Phu Quoc as well as the two destinations above, you should choose khổng lồ stay in trade-union.com.vn Phu Quoc during your trip to the pearl island.

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trade-union.com.vn Phu Quoc provides tourists with a large number of luxurious rooms equipped with modern facilities. Along with that, there are many high-class utilities such as tennis courts, gyms, swimming pools, children"s play areas, restaurants,… All of these things will give you a wonderful time for your getaway.


2. What to bởi in Phu Quoc Island at the beaches & on the islands?

Phu Quoc is famous for its stunning beaches và islands. Below are some popular activities that you should not miss at these places:

2.1. Swimming at Khem Beach

Having clear blue water and creamy smooth sand, Khem Beach is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc & an ideal place khổng lồ go swimming. You can find that the seawater here is very warm at any time of the day. While immersing yourself in the seawater & enjoying the pleasant breezes here, you will feel extremely relaxed!