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I stayed at this resort as part of a company trip & found the resort khổng lồ be fairly good but could certainly do with improving. The access lớn the rooms involved a lot of steep staircases & is difficult for children and elderly people. The lunch và evening dinner thực đơn is good but the breakfast is limited for western tastes. They kept running out of coffee & drinks & the food was generally quite cold.All in all not too bad but I agree that other resorts in the area are better.More

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Rockwaterbay, Người quản lý at Rock Water Bay Beach Resort và Spa, responded khổng lồ this reviewResponded August 11, 2016

Dear SimmyTaipei,The warmest greeting from Roông xã Water Bay Beach Resort và Spa.Since your nhận xét, we have sầu checked & upgarde restaurant, menus, buffet brekafast as well lớn bring your a pleasure stay with us.We are looking forward to lớn seeing you soon.Warm regards from us!Roông chồng Water Bay Beach Resort và Spa.

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Pros: Great location if you want lớn stay out of the crowd. Nice, large swimming pool with sea water. Sea view for all rooms. Budget room rates, mine was $65/nightCons: Foods and drinks price quite expensive. CRT TVs with very limited channels. Wifi and 3G networks dont work at some remote rooms.

Rockwatercất cánh, Người quản lý at Rock Water Bay Beach Resort và Spage authority, responded khổng lồ this reviewResponded August 11, 2016

Dear Pilsener8,The warmest greeting from Roông xã Water Bay Beach Resort và Spage authority.Thank you for your kind Reviews. We have developed restaurant, food menus with more choices, spa làm đẹp with Hymalayan steambath, high speed Wifi for a pleasure stay.We wish you all the best and looking forward lớn seeing you soon.Thank you and best regards, Rock Water Bay Beach Resort và Spage authority.

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we stayed at this resort for 3 nights. the rooms were huge and clean. we had an awesome view of the pool and the sea. the pool was fantastic. you can go right to lớn the edge of the pool where you"re practically in the sea. the bar played techno music for most of the day which was a tad annoying. they start playing it from 9am. if you dont lượt thích it, get a room away from the bar. taxi from mui ne to lớn this resort cost us about 40USD ( abt 40 km away). if you want lớn go lớn phan thiet đô thị by cab its about 30 USD ( 30km away). i suggest you take the public bus for less than a dollar lớn get to the đô thị. great khách sạn but very far from everything else

Rockwaterbay, Người quản lý at Rock Water Bay Beach Resort & Spa, responded to lớn this reviewResponded August 11, 2016

Dear Melliet,The warmest greeting from Roông chồng Water Bay Beach Resort và Spage authority.Thank you for your đánh giá.Our Resort is located far from Phan Thiet City, far from noisy đô thị in order khổng lồ bring you a escape stay, & calm vacation. Since your feedback, we have upgarde Spage authority with new Hymalaya steamed bath, restaurant và pool bar as well so that all in house guests could enjoy more.We are looking forward to seeing you.Thank you and best regards,Rochồng Water Bay Beach Resort và Spa.

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My wife và I came here with quite a few members of her family for 3 nights. The reception is located at the top of the rocks and you need to vị down steep steps lớn get to the rooms, although there is a lift (elevator) you can use.We were shown khổng lồ our room by one of the hotel staff. On entering the room, I was pleased at how spacious it was and at how large the bed was. There were 4 steps leading up lớn the bathroom, which was also very nice và spacious. A good start!The bad side was the Louvre type slats near the door. You can"t open & close them & so therefore they always let in the hot air from outside. My Vietnamese wife informs me that Phan Thiet is just about the hotchạy thử place in Vietnam giới, so it"s nice khổng lồ have sầu a cool room. We had the Air conditioning on & also the ceiling fan but could still feel the hot air. We found it"s actually better if you don"t have the tín đồ on but only the AC.The view from our room was great though and we had a lovely view of the ocean. You can hear the sea at night, as the hotel is very cthua thảm khổng lồ the beach but I found this khổng lồ be really relaxing. If you come here, then take some" weapons" & protection with you! There were lots of mosquitoes in the room. Had I known, I would have sầu taken one of the famous Vietnamese Mosquito lớn zappers with me! There is a mosquito net on the bed and I advise you to use it. The mosquitoes enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed the location. We went on to the beach just an hour after arriving at 5pm và the sea was a little rough but very warm & exciting. Later, we went to lớn the khách sạn restaurant for dinner.We had a large table for all of us và the menu looked appetising & varied with both Western & Vietnamese food. So we waited for our food and I waited & waited and waited. Our family all had their food but I think they forgot me, as 90 minutes later I was still waiting. My niece & brother-in-law complained bitterly but were told my food took a long time to cook! Hmm. Eventually I lost my appetite and asked for the tác phẩm to lớn be taken off the bill. I was told it could be brought to my room but still had to pay for it, so I declined và left the restaurant abruptly và unhappy. After more discussion between my niece and the staff, it was brought to my room không tính phí of charge, so I was happy then and it was actually very nice.This is still quite a relatively new resort but the staff really need to lớn be trained better. We had the feeling they didn"t really care, which is unusual for Vietnamese. However, after complaining khổng lồ the hotel manager, he did offer us a 10% discount off our meals and the extra bed in 1 room & we also returned to lớn our rooms after breakfast the next day to find a bottle of wine in the room So that was a very nice gesture.The next day my wife went to the beach early, only to lớn discover oil on her costume and on the beach. On further inspection,. we could see a lot of oil in the water and on the beach, so that meant no more swimming in the sea. Very sad to lớn see this on a lovely beach but apparently a ship had discharged it"s oil tanks out in the ocean. Vietphái mạnh really has khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi with these ships, or they will thua kém the tourists the clammer for. A short walk from the khách sạn, is an outside spa, where you can get a massage and you need a saumãng cầu in the Vietphái nam sun! A little drive away from the khách sạn will take you to famous svà dunes of Phan Thiet. You should try khổng lồ pay them a visit, as it looks just like the Sahara there. We used the restaurant again on the 3rd night & the service was much improved and excellent. Breakfast is a Búp Phê but I found the choice was not a lot. The drinks và food were constantly running out & it seems like breakfast is run on a budget. Not very appealing. They vày have a lovely swimming pool, which is warm và filled with salternative text water & also has 2 hot tubs but the pool was not lit when it was dark. So, a fantastic location và nice rooms but we feel there is room for some improvement. It was a shame about the oil but that was not the hotel"s fault. I enjoyed my stay here but I don"t think I would come bachồng. If you go further down the coast khổng lồ Mui Ne, you will find Phu Hai resort, which although more expensive, is a considerably better resort. We had dinner there on the 2nd night and the service was exceptional và so was the food. I would certainly go there next time but it was an experience & I would not put anyone off trying the resort, as I feel it will get better.