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My wife và I were recently invited to stay at Sol Beach – A wonderful resort on the main tourist beach of Koh Rong Samloem (i.e. the beautiful Saracen Bay – A peaceful relaxing holiday destination). Sol Beach offers a more luxurious accommodation at a premium price of $150 / night. There are now a couple of resort on Samloem pricing themselves in the premium category (see: The One và Moonlight), so we were intrigued to see how Sol Beach would compare, & how it aims lớn st& out in the long term.

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Fish Amok at Sol Beach Resort

Movie Night at Sol Beach Resort

As we were about to set off bachồng to our room, we bumped inkhổng lồ Steve, the owner – A friendly American man who always seems lớn be happy & smiling. He invited us lớn stay for the regular film night hosted at Sol Beach. Ironically, that night’s movie was ‘Castaway’ – Very fitting given Koh Rong Samloem ‘s more ‘desert island’ feel.

After the movie, we went back to lớn the villa và got a very good night’s sleep – There was no noise whatsoever. Unlượt thích the main tourist beach on Koh Rong (Koh Touch), all activities tover lớn finish at around 11pm on Saracen Bay, ensuring that no noise keeps you up throughout the night.

The morning after we had the ‘all you can eat’ complementary buffet breakfast – A very satisfying thing to lớn wake up to lớn. Again, the food và coffee were of a good standard, as you would expect.

To conclude, Sol Beach is an excellent place to stay on Koh Rong Samloem if you want to see the magnificent views in a more luxurious accommodation. If you’re thinking of going khổng lồ Samloem & would like lớn try this resort for yourself, you can book here at best price:

Book Sol Beach at Best Price


Q: When is the best time lớn visit Saracen Bay?

A: The best time lớn visit Saracen Bay is between the middle of November & the start of May. During these months you’ll have beautiful hot days with very little cloud và low humidity. To give you a rough idea of the average temperatures over this past year:Middle of November / December / January / February: Warm & dry. 25°C daytime.March / April / May: Hot và dry. 35°C daytime.June / July / August: Hot và wet. 35°C daytime.September / October / Early November: Warm và wet. 25°C daytime.Please see our Weather Guide for more information.

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Q: How bởi vì I get khổng lồ Saracen Bay?

A: There are now 5 modern ferry services from Sihanoukville to lớn Saracen Bay – Speed Ferry Cambodia, Isl& Speed Boat Cambodia, Buva Sea, Angkor Speed Ferry, and GTVC. (There are also a couple of $5-$10 ‘Slow Boat’ services that take 1.5 – 2.5 hours – These services are not professionally run & are not recommended).It will take about 40 minutes to lớn get to Saracen Bay if it’s the first stop. If the boat first stops elsewhere, it may take 1 hour or so.All 5 services will charge roughly $25 return, though prices can vary depending on time of year, special offers, etc. All services leave sầu from the Ochheuteal (AKA ‘Serendipity’) pier in Sihanoukville.The 5 services offer modern tốc độ boats with comfortable chairs, life jackets, and the option lớn buy food and drink on board. Not all of the ferries have sầu air-conditioning, but once the boats set off there is a svào cool breeze throughout the sitting areas which more than makes up for it.All ferry services tend khổng lồ be very busy – we strongly recommend you buy your tickets in advance. You can buy your tickets online now here: Book Ferry Tickets Online Now

Q: What activities are there?

A: Snorkeling và Scucha DivingThe Koh Rong islands are known for their stunning underwater panorama. Whether it’s snorkeling or scutía diving that you’re after, there are plenty of superb locations on Koh Rong Samloem.Kayaking và Paddle BoardingEnjoy the crystal clear ocean waters by Kayaking or paddle boarding your way around – An igiảm giá khuyến mãi activity for couples và families alượt thích.Jungle TrekkingExplore the exotic jungle habitat by foot. If you’re staying on Saracen Bay, we would definitely recommover for you to see Lazy Beach – A 40 minute walk through the jungle trail.

Bioluminescent PlanktonSparkling like a starry sky all around you, the bioluminescent plankton are a wonderful sight lớn behold at night times. Please speak khổng lồ your hotel about booking a plankton tour.

Q: Where can I see the glowing plankton?

A: Sparkling like a starry sky all around you, the bioluminescent plankton are a wonderful sight to lớn behold at night times. Although this phenomenon is abundant on the islands, the glowing plankton can only be seen in places with very little light pollution.If you’re staying on Saracen Bay, the easiest way for you lớn see the plankton is by booking a boat tour.For more information, please read: Glowing Plankton on Koh Rong

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: We recommkết thúc that you bring plenty of cash, mosquikhổng lồ spray, sun tan lotion, & any other necessities. Saracen Bay và M’Pai Bay have small shops where you can buy most of what you might need, but prices can be inflated so it’s a good idea lớn stoông xã up on the essentials before you go.

Q: Is it easy to get a Cambodian Visa?

A: Yes – it is generally very easy khổng lồ get a Cambodian Visa. Although there are tighter restrictions for Business Visas (which now require a Cambodian work permit), the Tourist Visa (1 month stay) is very straight forward and can be obtained at the airport / border crossing as you arrive sầu. If you’d like khổng lồ skip the ques, you can buy your visa online now here: Buy a Visa Online Now.

Q: Is there an ATM on Saracen Bay?

A: There is currently no ATM on Saracen Bay. However, many resorts now take card (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, etc) and you can take money out using an Eftpos terminal (10% fee). It is also possible to vì chưng a WING transfer if you are desperate for cash. Please ask someone when you are there for details.You can get cash out at any of the three Eftpos terminals on Koh cảm ứng (the main tourist area on Koh Rong Island). There is an Eftpos terminal at Green Ocean Guesthouse, White Rose Guesthouse, & Koh Lanta.

Q: Is there a medical facility?

A: There is currently no medical facility on Saracen Bay. However, Koh Rong has a medical facility on Koh cảm biến (the main tourist area). Please ask someone when you are there for directions.

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Q: Is it a family-friendly place?

A: Yes, there are many quiet, family-friendly places on Saracen Bay. Please see our Hotel Guide và Beach Guide to lớn learn more.

Q: When is the rainy season?

A: The rainy season on Saracen Bay is from the middle of May to early November. During these months there will be short bursts of heavy rain during the day. One thing lớn note is that, although it is wonderfully hot throughout the peak season, there are several advantages of visiting the islvà during the rainy season.For example, those that visit during the rainy season get khổng lồ enjoy half-priced accommodation và beautiful rainy scenes, và because it never gets too cold in Cambodia, swimming in the ocean is still a very pleasurable experience (the water rarely drops beneath 25°C). Take a look at this article for more information: 5 Reasons khổng lồ Visit Saracen Bay in Rainy Season