Everything about the hanoi old quarter


Hanoi Old Quarter has been often chosen as the first stop khổng lồ come in every trip to Hanoi by many tourists. It serves as both the đô thị center & a place to lớn preserve the heroic architecture, culture and historical relics of Hanoi 36 old streets.

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In this article, Hanoi Explore Travel will share with you the most detailed travel experiences in Hanoi Old Quarter. Let’s discover together right here!

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1 Best Things khổng lồ See in Hanoi Old Quarter2 What to vì in Hanoi Old Quarter3 What to vày at night4 What to lớn eat & Where to lớn eat in Hanoi Old Quarter?6 Suggested itinerary to visit the Old Quarter in one day

Best Things lớn See in Hanoi Old Quarter

If you are wondering which attractions in Hanoi Old Quarter are worth spending time visiting & exploring, don’t worry! This section will be your light at the kết thúc of the tunnel.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Located in the city center, Hoan Kiem Lake is considered as the heart of Hanoi. This place also served as a spiritual historical legacy because it is related khổng lồ a Vietnamese legend, that the King Le Loi returned sword lớn turtle god after beating the enemy. Numerous tourists visit the lake every day lớn learn about the daily life of the locals & take in the breezy atmosphere day and night.Coming here, tourists can visit a number of works with diverse and unique architecture featuring East Asia as well as French style such as The Huc Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple, Turtle Tower, Hoa Phong Tower, Hanoi Post Office, French Old Quarter,…

Ngoc Son Temple

Located in Ngoc Island of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple worships Van Xuong & Duc Thanh Tran God. Khổng lồ enter the temple, tourists must go through a red bridge named The Huc bridge. The Ngoc Son Temple complex is ranked as a special national monument in Vietnam. Here you will learn about the legend of Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) or the history of Hanoi.

Hanoi Post Office

Ly Thai to lớn Flower Garden

It was completed on October 7, 2004 khổng lồ celebrate 50 years of Hanoi’s liberation & 1000 years of capital relocation into Thang Long (old name of Hanoi). There is a bronze statue of King Ly Thai to lớn weighing 32 tons, 10.10m high.The monument is a cultural và architectural work, to lớn honor King Ly Thai to lớn (974-1028), the founder of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long & created the land with thousands of years of civilization. Ly Thai lớn flower garden is a place where not only locals but also tourists come to visit và have fun every day.

Dong Xuan Market

Established in 1889, Dong Xuan market is the oldest and most famous market in the Hanoi Old Quarter. It offers a wide variety of products such as clothes, shoes, confectionery, toys, fabrics, souvenirs and food,…When dropping by the market, don’t miss visiting the alley located right next khổng lồ the Dong Xuan market. There are a lot of popular eateries with the most famous dishes of the capital. It is definitely an interesting experience for those who want lớn explore and taste Hanoi cuisine.Especially, coming khổng lồ the market on the evenings of Friday, Saturday & Sunday, you will have a chance to visit the night market here. This is a miniature corner of the bustling life in Hanoi’s nights.

Hang Ma street

Situated in the Old Quarter, Hang Ma street is considered khổng lồ be the busiest and most brilliant of the 36 ancient streets in Hanoi. Famous for its traditional craft of making votive papers for ritual offerings và paper decorations, this place is regarded as a heaven for traditional items bearing the stamp of old folk. Visiting Hang Ma Street on every holiday, you will be impressed by the colorful, shimmering & fanciful spaces from decorative lights featuring each different holiday.

Hang Ma Street
Quan Truong Gate
Ngoc Son Temple
Hang Ma Street
Long Bien Bridge
Hoan Kiem Lake
Bach Ma Temple
Ta Hien Street

Quan Chuong Gate

This gate was built in 1749, under the reign of King Le Hien Tong. Located in the east of Thang Long citadel, quan Chuong Gate is one of the five remaining gates of the ancient Thang Long citadel to this day.For those who want khổng lồ explore an Asian architectural work và learn about Vietnam history, it is undoubtedly the ideal place to lớn come.

Ma May Ancient House

If you want khổng lồ see the living space of Hanoian and the characteristics of an ancient street, you shouldn’t miss the ancient house at No.87, Ma May street. This place is currently one of the most attractive tourist sites that attract a lot of tourists lớn visit. If you’re fortunate enough khổng lồ visit on a few special occasions, you’ll have the chance to take in ethnic music like ca tru singing.

Bach Ma Temple

Located at No.76 – 78, Hang Buom street, Bach Ma temple was built in the 9th century. As a thousand-of-year-old cultural and historical relic, the temple is covered with a mossy coat, which enhances the nostalgic, old-fashioned beauty. The temple is believed lớn be a sacred place, so it has attracted many locals and tourists to lớn visit và pray for many years.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge in Vietnam which was built by the French in 1898. As witnessing the two wars of resistance against the French & the US, the bridge is considered as a timeless symbol witnessing hard war memories that cannot be erased.The bridge joining two sides of the Red River is 2290 meter in length, with 3 lanes for railways and for motor vehicles. Long Bien Bridge is used for not only transportation but also preservation of historical memories.

Ta Hien Street

This street is renowned for its nightlife & busiest culinary activities in Hanoi. It is also known as an “international crossroad” by tourists và always named on the các mục of must-visit places when visiting Hanoi.Though it is a small street, Ta Hien street is always crowded with tourists who come khổng lồ enjoy, entertain & sip beer on the sidewalk. In addition, it is impossible not khổng lồ mention lively bars & pubs here.

What to bởi vì in Hanoi Old Quarter


Discover traditional craft villages

The Old Quarter has a lot of traditional craft villages preserved in many streets such as Hang Ma, Hang Thiec, Thuoc Bac, Hang Tre streets,…Tourists can visit khổng lồ buy và learn more about these products by asking the seller about the origin và the development history of these craft villages.

Take check-in photos on streets of the old quarter

Once entering Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists will be impressed by a quality background of each corner, each alley and the walls stained with the color of time. You only need lớn stand against the wall or “pretend” lớn drop by the street, then you will easily capture many cool pictures.

Take part in activities on the walking street

Tourists also have a chance to lớn take a walk or take part in many activities on the walking street around the Hoan Kiem Lake. Usually on the weekend, there are some music & dance programs & other outdoor games that tourists can join.

Enjoy delicious street food

Not only famous for many tourist attractions, Hanoi Old Quarter also attracts tourists with its diverse cuisine. Nothing better than enjoying a bowl of delicious bun cha (rice noodle with grilled pork) or a bowl of famous pho bo (rice noodle soup with beef) after taking a stroll around Hanoi streets. Then, you can sip a cup of coffee or lemonade, or even drink some cups of beer.In addition, if you still don’t have any detailed itinerary khổng lồ explore street food by your own, let’s experience Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour, a special itinerary with professional guide that can help you learn more about the history of the food as well as taste the most delicious food in the best eateries of the Old Quarter.

Enjoy corner coffee

Come khổng lồ the Hanoi Old Quarter , you can find the famous Vietnamese coffee in the most amazing places – with just a plastic tool on the humble sidewalk, you can enjoy your very own Vietnamese coffee culture.A sidewalk coffee can be found almost everywhere in Hanoi Old Quarter. Just take a short walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, you can find one in no time. Make enjoying sidewalk cafés a part of your nightlife tour around Hanoi & you won’t be disappointed.

Watch water puppet show at Thang Long theater

Thang Long water puppet theater has been an ideal cultural destination as well as a chất lượng spiritual program for visitors.Over the years with many improvements, the theater is currently equipped with modern facilities, ready khổng lồ serve 300 guests each show.With the operation around the year, Thang Long water puppet theater attracts many tourists to lớn discover the quintessence of Vietnamese culture everyday.

Explore the Old Quarter by a cyclo

Sitting on a cyclo to lớn explore và enjoy the scenery of Hanoi Old Quarter is an interesting thing that all tourists should not miss. This experience brings new & interesting moments that help you get closer lớn the rhythm of Hanoi life & culture.The tinkling sound of cyclo has been attached khổng lồ the lives of Hanoians since the early years of the XX century.The image of cyclo riders has contributed to the culture và traditional lifestyle of the beautiful Hanoi Old Quarter.

Traditional craft villages
Corner coffee in hanoi
Enjoy delicious street food
Take photos on streets

What to vày at night

Experience the vibrant space in Ta Hien Street

Dubbed the “street that never sleeps” in the heart of the capital, Ta Hien street is one of the famous entertainment places. When night falls, this street begins to light up & quickly becomes vibrant và bustling with the busy flow of people and the music of the bars. You can go alone, in a group of friends or gather with your family at any restaurant khổng lồ drink beer as well as enjoy food và the Hanoi nightlife…

Explore Hanoi Old Quarter at night

It is still said that Hanoi Old Quarter is the most beautiful at night. At this time, the rhythm of life is no longer as busy as during the day. Except for the brilliant lights, everything appears lớn slow down in the dark. Take a walk around to lớn see the streets, visit the crowded shops or find a corner for a cup of coffee to observe the Old Quarter are undoubtedly very interesting khổng lồ experience.

Visit night market on Hang Dao Street

The night market has nearly 4000 stalls with hundreds of items, ranging from clothes, shoes, khổng lồ souvenirs, handcrafts, with average prices. However, before shopping for something, you should consult the price first và maybe bargain a bit if you feel the price is a bit higher compared lớn their value. Tourists can also find a lot of street food as well as enjoy special street music programs here.You may lượt thích to read more detail:


What to eat và Where khổng lồ eat in Hanoi Old Quarter?

Coming here, tourists should not miss savoring the delicious cuisine that can be named on a long danh mục of famous and traditional dishes with bold characteristics of the land – Ha Thanh (the old name of Hanoi). Below Hanoi Explore Travel will introduce you to lớn some of the most popular eateries in the Old Quarter:

The Alley of Dong Xuan market

Right next to lớn Dong Xuan market, the alley has become a popular eating place for many tourists. It is trang chủ to many eateries of irresistible street foods such as bun rieu (rice noodle soup with paddy crab’s paste), bun cha kep que tre (rice noodles with grilled pork), pho, chao suon (porridge with pork ribs), mien luon (glass noodle soup with swamp eel), banh tom (shrimp cake), and che (different kinds of sweet desserts),… Trying food in this alley is definitely an interesting experience for those who want khổng lồ explore Hanoi cuisine.

Bun phụ vương Hanoi
Bun Oc Hanoi
Pho Bo Hanoi
Banh ngươi Hanoi
Cha Ca Hanoi
Bia Hoi Hanoi
Nom Bo Kho
Mixed fresh fruits

Bun cha (Rice noodle soup with grilled pork)

This rustic Hanoi delicacy has made countless diners fall for its delicious, attractive, aromatic flavor. The white rice noodles are dipped in sweet và sour sauce served with grilled pork and fresh green vegetables, which will surely conquer even the most demanding guests.

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Price: From 30000 VND to lớn 60000 VND

Suggested places: 

Bún chả hàng Quạt. Address: 74 Hang Quat Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, HanoiBún chả cửa Đông. Address: 41 Cua Dong Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, HanoiBún chả Đắc Kim. Address: 01 Hang Manh Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, HanoiBún chả hàng Buồm. Address: 43 Hang Buom Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi

Pho ga tron (Mixed Pho with chicken)

Mixed pho is not a new dish but always has a charm for foodies in Hanoi. Mixed pho with chicken has lots of chicken, vegetables, và peanuts. When eating, there will be a separate bowl of hot broth khổng lồ serve with the dish but not always adding broth like other types of noodle soup.

Pho bo (Beef Pho)

Hanoi beef Pho stands out with its sweet & fragrant beef taste, the sweet, clear, và flavorful broth, eaten with chewy noodles, & some herbs… Once you eat this speciality, it is sure that you can’t forget its taste.


Bun Thang in Cau Go street (Hanoi rice noodle soup with chicken, eggs and pork)

Bun Thang, a traditional dish of Hanoi households, is one of the delicate dishes of Ha Thanh cuisine. With long cooking experience and ingenuity, the owners here have made extremely delicious bun thang’s broth which is clear, sweet, và rich in the taste of shrimp.

Bun oc (Rice noodles with snails)

A small alley just a few hundred meters long, located on the side of Dong Xuan market, attracts thousands of visitors every day because of hundreds of Vietnamese dishes.Rice noodle with snails has a sour và spicy taste with many side dishes including pickled bamboo shoots, fried tofu… Bun oc can be eaten with hot broth or dipping sauce, served with green vegetables.. Eating bun oc with dipping sauce is suitable for summer.

Oc luoc (Boiled snails)

Many tourists choose boiled snails lớn enjoy during their visit lớn Hanoi Old Quarter. The hot dishes of snails give off a fragrant aroma as if enticing passersby when they accidentally pass by here. Especially on cold days, enjoying hot snails dipped with sour & spicy dipping sauce is really a good idea.

Stir-fried pig’s tripes and stir-fried Pho (rice noodles)

Stir-fried Pho và stir-fried pig’s tripes on Nguyen Sieu street are something unique và novel in the cuisine of Hanoi’s old quarter. Just stopping at the beginning of the street, you have to sniffle by the featuring và attractive aroma of the dish. Stir-fried pho served with stir-fried pig’s tripes, a little soy sauce và sweet & sour cucumber is so great.

Banh mày (Vietnamese sandwich)

As a famous specialty of Vietnam for a long time, there are currently many distinctive traditional & modern banh mày shops. Banh mày can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snack.

Banh trang tron (mixed rice paper)

Rice paper dish has lots of fillings including rice paper, quail eggs, dried beef, and julienne green mango. Normally, there will be 3 types of rice paper: mixed rice paper, rolled rice paper and buttered rice paper.Mixed rice paper is also rich in dried beef. The slightly chewy rice paper is mixed with the sour julienne mango, the sweet & sour taste of the sauce, the crispy và fragrant taste of peanuts and fried onions, the aroma of herbs, and the sweet and spicy taste of dried beef.

Cha Ca La Vong (fried crispy turmeric-marinated fish with herbs) – A famous delicious dish in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Dating back more than 130 years ago, phụ vương Ca La Vong has been one of the delicious eateries in the old quarter that you should visit once khổng lồ enjoy. The sweet & fatty taste of fried crispy turmeric-marinated fish mixed with the aroma of vegetables và shrimp paste will surely make you want khổng lồ eat forever.

Barbecued beef on Ma May street

Just by walking along Ma May street, you will easily find an eatery with staff wearing uniform professionally và delicious aroma of beef grilled on the fire. The beef plates here are quite large và well seasoned.

Bia hoi (Fresh Beer)

For a long time, drinking fresh beer has become a chất lượng culinary culture of the people of the capital. The locals find enjoying a distinctive glass cup of Hanoi fresh beer as a good way khổng lồ relax after a hard working day.

Other “Snack”

Trang Tien ice cream

Like Hanoi Pho, Trang Tien ice cream is a famous specialty of the capital that you definitely should not miss. During your trip lớn the Old Quarter, let’s visit No.35 Trang Tien Street khổng lồ enjoy the cool delicious popsicles and ice cream cones with flavors of chocolate, coconut milk, & nuggets.

Mixed fresh fruits on khổng lồ Tich street

When it comes to lớn mixed fruits, the locals will immediately think of to lớn Tich Street. After walking around Hoan Kiem Lake or the Old Quarter, nothing better than stopping here and enjoying a glass of mixed fresh fruits.

Nom bo kho (Dried beef salad) near Hoan Kiem Lake

As a famous Hanoi snack near Hoan Kiem Lake, dried beef salad is an extremely easy-to-eat dish that you should enjoy with friends after walking around Hoan Kiem Lake và the Old Quarter.

Fried fermented pork rolls in Tam Thuong alley

Dubbed the paradise of fried fermented pork rolls, Tam Thuong alley is always crowded. The fried fermented pork rolls here are fried crispy & displayed on trays lined with banana leaves, served with cucumbers, green mangoes, and jicama, so they are not as greasy as in many other places.

Boiled snails hanoi
Banh Trang Tron
Pork rolls in Tam Thuong
Trang Tien Ice Cream

Experience Shopping in the Old Quarter

Tourists can visit the night market, Dong Xuan market & other streets such as Hang Bac, Hang Ngang, Hang Dao streets lớn buy handcrafts, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, silver jewelry và diverse types of “o mai” (the sweet and salty dried fruits or jams).A small tip for you is you should go shopping in the afternoon to lớn choose items easily và freely.If you want khổng lồ go shopping in the night market, you can only wait until Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings, from 6 p.m khổng lồ 11 p.m. The market provides a wide variety of items such as clothes, shoes, handcrafts, souvenirs và so on, all at an affordable price.

Suggested itinerary khổng lồ visit the Old Quarter in one day

With many tourist and shopping attractions and eateries mentioned above, you will have many ways lớn schedule a visit khổng lồ the Old Quarter that best suits your time. Here we would like to nội dung the schedule to visit the Old Town in 1 day based on the actual trip experience as follows:

8:00 a.m: Go to lớn Dong Xuan alley on Hang Chieu street khổng lồ have breakfast8:30 a.m: Visit Dong Xuan market, the oldest market in Hanoi9:00 a.m: Visit quan liêu Chuong Gate at the beginning of Hang Chieu street9:30 a.m: Visit Bach Ma Temple10:15 a.m: Visit ancient house at no.87, Ma May street11:00 a.m: Visit Kim Ngan communal house at no.42-44, Hang Bac streetThen, take a mini food tour in the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake such as Dinh Liet, Hang Trong, Nha Tho,…2:00 p.m: Visit Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, But Tower3:00 p.m: Buy tickets lớn enjoy water puppet show at Thang Long water puppet theater, watch art shows at Hanoi Opera House or walk around walking streets around Hoan Kiem Lake on the weekend4:40 p.m: Enjoy Hanoi fresh beer in Ta Hien street or have a cup of Vietnamese coffee6:00 p.m: Buy souvenirs for family and friends7:00 p.m: Taste “Cha ca” (fried crispy turmeric-marinated fish) on Duong Thanh street or stir-fried Pho on Nguyen Sieu street8:00 p.m: Take a walk around Hoan Kiem lake và the Old Quarter lớn enjoy the beauty at night. If on the weekend, visit night market along Hang Ngang, Hang Dao streets


Tourist attractions in combination with the Old Quarter

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Built in the pre-Thang Long period in the 7th century, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is a massive architectural work preserved through the dynasties & has become the most important historical site of the ancient Thang Long citadel. When you come here khổng lồ visit, you can still admire the unique architectural works that have remained khổng lồ this day.

Ho đưa ra Minh Mausoleum

The visit lớn Hanoi will be remiss if you vày not visit Ho chi Minh Mausoleum, one of the famous works bearing the cultural & historical values of the Vietnamese people for the old father of the nation. Under the guidance of the staff here, you will follow the flow of people to lớn go inside and visit the former president Ho bỏ ra Minh (also called informally Uncle Ho).To understand more about Uncle Ho’s life và career as well as to learn about the heroic history of Vietnam, you can stop by the Ho bỏ ra Minh museum quite near the mausoleum.

Hanoi Opera House

Built in the years 1901 – 1911, Hanoi Opera House is an architectural work with European architectural style that is inspired by famous works such as the Paris Opera House, Tuylory Castle… Experiencing many ups & downs of time, the Hanoi Opera House has been repainted from the old light yellow into a dark yellow with a bit of white, full of majesty and beauty.

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With our local experience, we hope that you will get a reasonable itinerary of Old Quarter Hanoi and can choose the places as well as activities that fit your travel purpose ad travel-mate as friends, family, couple or even solos.