60 fun & unusual things to do in ho chi minh city


Once known as Saigon, today Ho bỏ ra Minh city is renowned as the country’s metropolitan city, filled with skyscrapers, rooftop views, & urban-cool activities.

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However, a trip to the south of Vietnam isn’t without its plethora of cultural things to vày in Ho đưa ra Minh City (HCMC), & an entire day can fly past spent exploring its many churches, temples, pagodas and other worship grounds.

Not khổng lồ mention, there are many museums to visit to suit everyone’s tastes, from the War Remnants Museum to more traditional museums exploring the arts and culture.

Take a street food tour, read a book & unwind at a trendy cà phê or enjoy a picnic in one of the city’s parks.

If you’ve shopped all the day (and night) markets, và explored the various Walking Streets and city districts, there are dozens are fabulous day trips khổng lồ enjoy just an hour or two from HCMC.

The most famous is a visit to the Mekong Delta or the Cu đưa ra Tunnels.

End your evenings off with a fine-dining experience, or grab a craft cocktail at a rooftop bar.

1 – Head up lớn Saigon Skydeck inside the 124th tallest building in the world


Designed in the shape of a blooming Lotus bud (Vietnam’s national flower), the bitexco Financial Tower is the city’s highest skyscraper.

Located on the 49th floor is the tower’s observation station, the Saigon Skydeck, offering visitors unparalleled 360-degree views of Ho bỏ ra Minh city below.

Boasting 68 floors in total, the 262-meter high building has become a hotspot for both tourists and locals who frequent the mall inside, Icon 68.

The shops sell high-end goods, there’s a cinema in the shopping center, as well as many food và dining options.

Found in the financial district, this skyrise also has its own helipad, the EON Helibar. Rides and transport via helicopter are available for booking.

2 – Explore 20,000 documents, artifacts, photos & films at the War Remnants Museum


Whether you’re a history fiend or are simply interested khổng lồ learn a bit about the past war in Vietnam, kiểm tra out real artifacts from the wartime at the War Remnants Museum.

The war between Vietnam & the USA took place 47 years ago, và inside the museum see pieces from the past, as well as powerful photographic images throughout eight permanent exhibitions.

The Requiem Exhibition is especially compelling where famous war photographs are framed on display, including Nick Ut’s ‘Phan Thi Kim Phuc’.

The outside grounds host heavy military weapons like artillery tanks and fighter planes, & infantry weapons including missile launchers và bombs.

Weapons once considered “experimental secrets” are kept here, like a flechette (a bomb casing filled with thousands of minuscule darts).

However, it’s not only the war between the US and Vietnam that’s highlighted, but you can find artifacts from the time of the French colonization of the country và various Chinese invasions.

A section of the museum focuses on the Phu Quoc và Con Son islands prisons that were utilized by the French colonial empire.

3 – Visit Nguyen Hue Walking Street on foot


Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị is divided into different districts widespread from one another, và Nguyen Hue Street forms part of District 1.

This part of the city is considered the tourist hub và is filled with many things to bởi in Saigon và a buzzing nightlife scene.

The 670-meter-long road is very pretty, & boutique shops, restaurants, bars & tall buildings surround the street on either side.

In the evenings, there’s a water fountain that puts on a light show and many live street performances & festivals take place here.

The city’s beloved Ho đưa ra Minh statue is located within the road square, và the tallest statue of Uncle Ho in all of Vietnam has the spotlights placed on him — literally.

Find the famous Apartment 42 on Nguyen Hue Street dripping in mossy greens và filled with cool cafes.

During Tet time (Lunar New Year celebrations, also known as Chinese New Year) between January & February, the road turns into ‘Flower Street’.

Tons of blossoms line the pavements waiting lớn be sold, especially Sakura trees, also known as Cherry Blossoms.

Feeling peckish? Whilst you’ll find many dining options, check out the street food game along this road for all sorts of local delights.

4 – Admire Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon’s European-inspired architecture


Built by the French from 1877 to lớn 1883, the Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon has a similar name lớn its Parisian counterpart, as well as kiến thiết features.

Sporting Neo-Romanesque architecture, a typical style of the time period, the church’s box front frame has two tall bell towers on either side of the entrance, và all of the red bricks used to build the cathedral were imported directly from France.

Not only is the building a feast on the eyes, but there’s an immaculate garden that is home to the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Sculpted by an Italian artist, G. Ciocchetti in 1959, the 4.6-meter high statue is made completely from trắng marble.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon is considered the mother church of the Catholic Archdiocese in Ho chi Minh City.

5 – Imagine Vietnam 200 years ago along the Mekong Delta


The famous Mekong Delta River runs through both Vietnam & Cambodia, and it’s found in the history books because of its importance during the Vietnam War.

From Saigon, choose to visit different parts of the Mekong on a day trip, and depending on how much time you have to spare, travel from one hour up lớn 3.5-hours khổng lồ reach the famed river.

To experience the Mekong Delta, you will need to lớn organize a riverboat cruise, or you can opt for a kayaking expedition through the mangroves instead.

Hop onto a traditional wooden river canoe, put on your nón lá (a traditional Vietnamese cone-shaped bamboo hat used for sun protection), and float your way through the Delta’s tropical jungle.

During boat tours, stop off along the way khổng lồ visit local villages, floating river markets và fruit orchards, and enjoy trying foods that are special to the Mekong Delta region.

6 – Don’t miss visiting Cu chi Tunnels, one of the most famous sites in the south


The Cu đưa ra Tunnels dug out và constructed during the Vietnam War, are probably the most famous war tunnels throughout history – one of your non-negotiable things to bởi vì in Ho chi Minh City.

During the war, southern Vietnam’s army, known as the Viet Cong, strategically started to địa chỉ cửa hàng more underground tunnels khổng lồ a few prior-existing tunnels in the Cu chi region.

By the over of it all, there were more than 250 kilometers of tunnels that intersected all around the undergrounds of Cu Chi & its surrounding areas.

This is how the army operated during the Vietnam War and today you can step inside the hideouts & dugout trenches.

There are also various traps to discover, but you cannot enter these holes unassisted.

Try something exhilarating & take a 1.5-hour speedboat tour lớn the Cu chi tunnels instead of driving there.

Leaving the thành phố directly, cruise along the Saigon River, passing lush riverside landscapes and local villages along the way.

Some jet boat tours even pass through the Mekong and into the mangroves.

7 – Get cultured at the Ho chi Minh thành phố Museum of Fine Arts


Not only is the Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố Museum of Fine Arts one of Saigon’s biggest museums, but it’s another historical building that makes the danh sách of must-visit attractions.

Unlike some of the older buildings, the museum was complete in 1929 and it celebrates an obvious fusion of Asian và Europe thiết kế aesthetics.

The building is super pretty both inside và out, sporting a light cream exterior, high ceilings, stain-glassed windows and spiral staircases.

(There are tons of photo opportunities around to lớn fill your social truyền thông pages.)

Discover collections that host more than 22,000 pieces of art, from both ancient & modern periods.

It feels lượt thích you’re wandering the art galleries in Paris or London.

8 – Visit Cai Be Floating Market in cái Bè District


Check out Vietnam’s floating town, loại Bè, & explore the river-land town located along the banksides of the Mekong Delta River.

It’s one of the most authentic day trips khổng lồ experience.

Get this … half of the town operates on water, where half the locals live, and the other half lives on land.

Take a guided boat tour around Cai Be, including its iconic market. Visit the Cai Be Floating Market and cửa hàng for souvenirs, snacks, fresh flowers, & delicacies all from floating boat stalls.

Hop on board floating restaurant boats & enjoy a local dining experience.

A cool way to lớn experience the market is to lớn go kayaking through. There are guided tours from Saigon that offer the option.

Visit the Cao dẻo Temple, & stop by street sides to pick up a souvenir or two from the craft village!

9 – Take photos of Vinh Nghiem Pagoda


The striking Buddhist Vinh Nghiem Pagoda is a well-photographed city attraction thanks lớn its seven-tiered stupa made from stone.

The architectural delight was built between 1964 & 1971 and Saigon’s tallest pagoda celebrates Vietnamese Buddhism.

As you arrive at the main hall, a statue of Guanyin greets you. In Chinese Buddhism, Guanyin is a Bodhisattva and is known for compassion và mercy.

Entering the main hall, find a gleaming statue of Buddha Gautama & two golden Bodhisattva on either side.

Visit the library on the ground level and kiểm tra out the huge temple bell outside.

10 – Strike a pose at the pink rã Dinh Church


Is it a Castle or church? tan Dinh Catholic Church has got to be one of the most Instagram-worthy churches out there with its pink-colored exterior.

Boasting seriously eye-catching architecture, the bright pastel church isn’t the only interesting feature and Tan Dinh has an impressive tall bell tower.

One of the oldest churches in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, the worship ground was built in 1870 when France colonized Vietnam, & you can see the French influences in its design.

It’s referred lớn as ‘The Pink Church’ for obvious reasons …

11 – For a bird’s eye view of the streets take a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour


Did you know that Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị consists of 24 districts in total? There are 19 inner-city districts, và five districts on the city outskirts.

All spread wide apart, the large city can be confusing to navigate, & involves a lot of xe taxi rides.

Opt for a hop-on hop-off bus tour around Saigon on a double-decker sightseeing bus!

The bus ticket is for the entire day, và you have the leisure of jumping off the bus at famous attractions, including Ben Thanh Market, the Central Post Office & Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon.

Bus tickets last 24 hours.

12 – Take an hour or two to check out (and photograph) Independence Palace


Once home to a French governor, then Japanese officials & finally the president of Southern Vietnam during the Vietnam War, the Independence Palace site now acts as an iconic thành phố museum.

Also known as the Reunification Palace, wander through its grand halls & rooms, including the banquet hall và once-government offices.

An exciting feature is the underground tunnels used during the war, & you can navigate your way through the basement bunkers as well.

Take a stroll around the manicured gardens surrounding Independence Palace, & spot the water fountain as well as army tankers parked outside.

13 – Explore an entire street dedicated khổng lồ books at Nguyen Van Binh Book Street


Nguyen Van Binh Book Street is also known as Ho đưa ra Minh City’s Book Street & the entire road is filled with tiny book stores.

It feels as if you’re walking down the streets of Camden in London.

Stop lớn browse through mở cửa bookshelves, & sift through piles of books.

Find both new and second-hand books and there’s a Book Bus initiative where you can borrow books khổng lồ read instead of buying them.

Acting as a cultural hub too, there are often outside exhibitions put up displaying artworks, or hosting live musical performances.

You’ll also find a little market of other cool treasures lớn browse through, not only books.

14 – Snap a million photos inside Cao dai Temple


The colorful Cao dẻo Temple is stunning, & with an overflow of intricate artworks, statues và shrines, it makes it a feast for the eyes!

As soon as you enter the temple, look up! The curved high ceilings are painted with wispy clouds & giant pillars with swirling long statues descending khổng lồ the floor.

Interestingly, the Cao dẻo faith is a religion that comprises parts from different religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism & Taoism.

This amalgamation of religions is evident throughout the temple’s architecture & large worship hall.

Cao dẻo Temple isn’t located inside the đô thị center, and it takes 2.5 hours lớn reach via road only. It’s a great destination for a day trip outside of HCMC in southeastern Vietnam.

15 – Visit one of the most colorful temples, the Jade Emperor Pagoda


Taoism forms one of Vietnam’s đứng top three religions, and if you’re unfamiliar, the Jade Emperor Pagoda is a gorgeous example lớn explore.

Taoism believes in spiritual immortality as well as that humans và animals should live in harmony.

The pagoda is over 100 years old, and although it’s not massive, the building is filled with interesting statues that all have mythical stories behind them.

There are different rooms that all explore and depict scenes from the Taoist god, the Jade Emporer. The temple is dedicated lớn him, & he is considered one of the first gods in Taoism.

Look out for a four-meter-high figure of a general who battled and bested the Green Dragon, or enter the Court of Ten Hells where wood carvings, paintings & figurines depict tales of evil.

16 – Feel lượt thích a local with a scooter or motorbike tour


Want to join in the madness? One of the most popular activities to vị in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, make that the whole of Vietnam is taking a motorbike tour.

Choose to lớn drive yourself if you’re experienced & try khổng lồ maneuver the đô thị streets, but for first-timers in Saigon, consider a guided scooter or motorbike tour.

Put your feet to the peddle & drive to must-see attractions, & choose if you’d prefer to lớn drive a semi-automatic motorbike, or a scooter, including an old-school Vespa!

To feel more comfortable, sit back và relax on the back of a xe đạp with an experienced tour driver as you take a đô thị drive around Ho đưa ra Minh.

Opt for a morning drive, afternoon or evening tour và each offers a unique experience.

17 – Nearly 300 years old, visit Giác Lâm Pagoda


Also known as the Giac Lam Buddhist Temple, visit one of the most historical religious sites within the city.

It’s said that this pagoda is the oldest temple in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, first erected in 1744!

Not lớn be confused with Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, Giác Lâm Pagoda is also seven tiers tall but it’s not the same. (Vinh Nghiem is located 20-minutes from here.)

It is believed that ringing the pagoda’s bronze bell can help the elderly and those suffering from illness.

Although a Theravāda Buddhist temple (one of the oldest forms of Buddhism) find statues & design elements that pay respects to lớn Taoism too. This is not uncommon in Vietnam.

You can climb khổng lồ the seventh floor of the stupa as well where ancient relics are held.

18 – You simply can’t miss out on trying a food tour


The cool thing about Vietnam is that depending on the region you’re in, the food starts to vary. Often find dishes in one part of the country that you can’t in another.

You’ll notice Southern Vietnamese food is bold, strong in flavor, and naturally contains a lot of seafood.

Don’t just read about it to lớn imagine it, a street food tour is such an epic way to experience Ho đưa ra Minh’s booming street food scene.

There are so many alleyways littered with tiny local vendors, side stalls & local restaurants, it can be overwhelming khổng lồ make way of it all.

Opt for a foodie walking tour or take a food tour by motorbike và get khổng lồ understand what you’re eating as dishes & ingredients are translated by your local guide.

Take a street food tour during the day or night, và evening time is very popular as the streets come alive with smells & sounds.

Some must-try iconic Saigon dishes và foods include Bánh canh cua (Vietnam’s version of a seafood Udon noodle soup), bò kho (Vietnamese beef bourguignon served with a baguette), and Bánh xèo (a seafood omelet).

19 – Splash around Dam Sen Water Park


Looking for things to do in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị with kids? Dam Sen is a tropical theme park with many photo ops và offers the perfect opportunity lớn beat the southern heat.

The water park is great for all ages, & spend the day whizzing down water rides or try peddling a water boat.

There’s also a little village area with tons of dễ thương backdrops, from hanging colorful umbrellas crossing over walkways, khổng lồ perfectly manicured flower gardens.

Take a spin around the massive ferris wheel, và in the evening times, bridges light up and there’s a fireworks show! It’s quite lãng mạn actually.

20 – Take a boat ride lớn the Phu Chau Floating Temple


Accessible by boat only, visit Phu Chau Floating Temple situated on a small island on the Vam Thuat River inside Ho chi Minh’s District 5 neighborhood.

It’s also known as the dragon Floating Temple because its arched temple rooftops are covered in dragon statues varying in size.

The story behind the temple is that a local fisherman found the body toàn thân of a woman in the river, and so he built the temple in her honor on the waters.

From then onwards, his life changed for the better.

Throughout the years, locals kept the temple going, & it was later dedicated to the five natural elements: wood, water, fire, earth and metal.

This forms part of the Five Elements Theory which believes that the basis of all universal interactions involves the elements.

To reach Ph Chau Floating Temple, take a fast speedboat ride along the Saigon River, & take in the sights from the waters at the same time!

You can choose a jet boat tour at different times in the day, and a day trip is especially pretty in the afternoon as dusk starts to settle in on the ride back.

21 – Feel lượt thích you’re in Europe in the early 1900s inside the Saigon Central Post Office


There’s no need lớn travel to thủ đô new york City to lớn have your own “Grand Central” photograph taken.

Albeit a post office, the Saigon Central Post Office leaves the same awe-inspiring impact.

The building is a set of French, Renaissance and Gothic architecture và it makes for an ideal picture-perfect moment!

Built between 1886 và 1891, it’s one of Ho bỏ ra Minh City’s oldest buildings và is conveniently located close lớn the Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon.

Take photos outside the grand yellow building lined with green shutters, và inside wander through the halls with its curved rooftop.

There are also vintage telephone booths lớn take photos alongside.

22 – Get ready for a round of shopping at An Dong Market


Opening daily from 6 AM to 6 PM, visit one of the city’s largest indoor markets, the An Dong Market.

It’s a market that’s especially close khổng lồ the locals’ hearts and has been in operation since 1951.

After it was destroyed, it was reconstructed in 1991 by the Vietnamese Chinese community in Saigon.

The building is a phối of local Vietnamese design, as well as being reminiscent of the architecture in Hong Kong during the 1980s to early 1990s.

Consisting of four levels, shop for anything và everything at An Dong for really affordable prices.

Find knock-off brands, accessories, make-up, phone jewels, nail art, nhái flowers … you name it!

Considered a “wholesale” market, the shops each have their individual stalls house-in, just like Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Market.

There are escalators to lớn transport visitors between levels.

23 – Catch a fast boat khổng lồ the mangroves in cần Giờ Biosphere Reserve


Traveling 90 minutes from HCMC, enjoy a refreshing day trip to lớn Can Gio Biosphere Reserve và take a jet boat cruise through the mangrove forests!

Take some lovely photos among the trees, wildlife & wetlands, stopping off at the small, local đề nghị Giờ Market. Taste and try some delicious fresh seafood while here.

As you make your way through the dense mangroves, try spotting various plant species, fish, shellfish & invertebrates that live in the mangroves of this region only.

Located inside the Can Gio Reserve is the famous Monkey Island which gained its name because of the local inhabitants, monkeys, that điện thoại tư vấn the island their home.

Go and say hello lớn the crocs at the Hoa Ca Crocodile Farm which is also inside this epic UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserve.

Forming part of a coastal district, you can smell the ocean in the air.

24 – Cruise the Saigon River


Flowing for a total of 256 kilometers, 80 kilometers of the Saigon River runs directly through Ho chi Minh City.

You can access the river from different parts of the city. The river in these districts is surrounded by buildings, restaurants và parks.

Take a stroll along the riverbanks in District 2 for example.

Apart from activities on land, try something on the water, such as stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUPing.

Stand on a longboard on the Saigon River và paddle your way past famous city attractions. It’s an epic way to sightsee the city — and a way to cool off from the heat.

Cruises along the Saigon River, especially at sunset are extremely popular.

25 – Built in 1862, stop by Nha Rong Port


Thanks khổng lồ its geographic positioning, Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố is also a trading port city and although it’s now the Ho bỏ ra Minh Museum, Nha Rong Port was Saigon’s original commercial trading port.

The harbor was constructed during France’s rule over Vietnam, but Vietnam turned it into a museum in 1979.

The historical building is an interesting site to kiểm tra out, and a fusion of French và Vietnam designs can be seen.

The original building is very French-inspired, whilst traditional elements lượt thích its curved rồng statue rooftop have been added on.

Today, its nickname is ‘Dragon Wharf’.

If you look at a photograph from 100 years ago, not much has changed from the outside except for the roof.

26 – Feel lượt thích you’re in a mini nhật bản at Little Tokyo


Did you know that among the hustle & bustle of District 1, there’s an entire area known as Little Tokyo?

Find a bunch of Japanese restaurants, including Japanese BBQ, pubs và shops around here, và the streets are aptly lined with lanterns & signs in Japanese too.

In the early 1990s, there was an influx of Japanese expats into Vietnam, & a large Japanese community still lives in this area.

Find amazing sushi, hit a whisky bar, or snap some epic street photos alongside artworks of graffiti or in front of Japanese shophouses.

The Japanese Quarter, as it’s sometimes called too, is near the corner of thai Van Lung Street & Le Thanh Ton Street.

27 – Go chasing waterfalls at Giang Dien Waterfall


Looking for an epic day adventure? Travel by taxi, private car, or rented bike và head khổng lồ the massive Giang Dien Waterfall.

The waterfall has multiple falls, but they all run down from the same level, so Giang Dien is impressive in size.

It creates a massive natural pool, which is then separated by rocks khổng lồ create a second large swimming area.

Around the waterfall’s lakes, there are shaded huts, & structures built for photo-ops, like a bird’s nest chair!

There are also some hiking trails around the area, as well as local restaurants to lớn stop by.

It takes around one to 1.5 hours to reach Giang Dien Waterfall from Ho chi Minh City.

28 – Chill out at the city’s best parks


One of the beauties of Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố is that it’s filled with many great parks, from landscapes covered in trees, to lớn more urban-suited green areas.

Home khổng lồ over 1,000 trees Tao Dan Park is one of the city’s oldest parks và is conveniently located in District 1.

Gia Dinh Park has a great play area for children và different play zones are divided lớn suit varying ages, from 3 years old to lớn 15 years old.

Made up of designated green patches, and with benches and tall trees lining pathways, September 23rd Park is an ideal picnic location.

Hoang Van Thu Park is a gorgeous urban park filled with colorful florals & is popular for exercise, as well as for those wanting to lớn chill in nature for the day.

There are designated huts at this park providing shade from the sun.

29 – Get in your exercise and sightseeing at the same time with a xe đạp tour


Biking is a popular mode of transport in Vietnam, and joining the locals, it’s a fantastic opportunity to lớn see ho đưa ra Minh city like never before.

Taking khổng lồ the streets và alleyways, explore the đô thị by bicycle tour, stopping at iconic temples, famed museums, epic markets, boutique shops, as well as multiple dining, snacking & street food stops along the journey.

Enjoy learning about the Vietnamese culture & all the facts that come along with the ride from an English-speaking guide.

Cyclists or those looking for fun exercise, bicycle tour from Ho chi Minh thành phố to the Mekong Delta where you’ll xe đạp to the closest point of the river from the city.

30 – Step back into time at the History Museum of Ho bỏ ra Minh City


Dating as far back as prehistoric times, visit the History Museum of Ho đưa ra Minh City and learn about its culture, traditions, stories, events & ethnic groups that have shaped Vietnam as we know it today.

History buffs, enjoy at least two hours wandering through exhibitions of artifacts that are equipped with English-translated descriptions.

Find national treasures like ancient Buddha statues, as well as ones of Indian deities from the Funan period (this was the first largest recorded Southeast Asian civilization dating back between the 1st century and 7th century A.D).

Xem thêm: Đi Du Lịch Bụi Đài Loan Dành Cho Phượt Thủ, Bí Kíp Du Lịch Bụi Đài Loan Dành Cho Phượt Thủ

Marvel in gorgeous brass, bronze and metal items from the first Nguyen dynasties including antiques lượt thích vases and even an ancient kettle.

31 – Let the little ones’ imaginations run wild at Vietopia

Credit khổng lồ Vietopia

Vietopia is an indoor play và learning center that’s not only fun but stimulating for the minds of both young children & teens.

Inside is phối up to replicate a mini modern-day society, và a small town has been recreated with factories, buildings và an airport.

Kids can explore the different roles và jobs that adults have, dressing up in characters themselves & trying out various occupations.

Pretend khổng lồ be a firefighter, banker or teacher for the day … It’s exciting và educational.

You also have the chance to lớn build your very own city, và Vietopia is suitable for children aged 4 lớn 15 years old.

32 – Go hopping around the best coffee shops & cafes


Ho bỏ ra Minh city is renowned for its hip and trendy cafes … seriously, there are hundreds!

Just lượt thích the rest of the country, coffee culture reigns in HCMC (some say it’s due lớn the country’s European influence in the past).

Dripping in flowers & greens from the outside, Bonjour cafe the art is two levels with great balcony views. (Don’t miss their dessert menu.)

Padma de Fleur is not only a florist but a cà phê inside too. As you can imagine, the entire thiết đặt is just dreamy surrounded by florals và fresh table bouquets.

Nestled at the kết thúc of the road, Oromia Coffee và Lounge has a Japanese feel và huge glass windows overlook their Koi pond.

Although in HCMC, visit Little Hanoi Egg Coffee coffe for the best coffe trung (i.e. Egg coffee), it’s delicious!

For a quality setting, visit DU MIÊN Garden Coffee built around a treehouse set-up with a sparkling aqua pool within the center of it all.

Offering one of the best cold brews in the city, coffee snobs visit The Hummingbird Café & Roastery.

Lastly, a visit to lớn Teaspoon Coffee & Tearoom will transport you lớn England, or even Alice in Wonderland, tea cups and all.

33 – Make a full day trip visiting Tre Viet Tourist Village (Làng du ngoạn Tre Việt)


Also known as the Bamboo Village, the Tre Tiet Tourist Village is a great family outing.

15 kilometers out of the city center, this eco-tourism area has been designed lớn showcase the south’s countryside feels.

Located next to the river, there’s a lake area dotted with coconut trees where water activities take place, such as water biking, kayaking và SUPing.

Or, try your hand rowing a traditional rounded woven coracle boat.

After all the activity, grab something to lớn eat at the Bamboo Country Market buffet offering over 60 local & traditional dishes to try.

34 – Show the animals some love at Saigon Zoo và Botanical Garden


If you’re traveling with family, especially younger kids, have a blast interacting with animals & exploring stunning green areas at the Saigon Zoo và Botanical Zoo.

In operation for more than 150 years, the zoo has been open since 1869 & it’s a gorgeous phối of not only wildlife but architecture too.

Walking through the tall green gates, enter one of the oldest standing buildings in all of Saigon.

The zoo was built to ‘enhance culture and conservation activities’ và with its botanical setting, it provides a great balanced environment.

Visit the Butterfly & Flamingo Garden, spot some rare animals, & there’s a petting zoo for little ones, the Children’s Garden.

Speaking of, there are craft workshops for kids & a water playground. Also inside the Botanical Garden are a bunch of fun rides for all ages including a ferris wheel.

Wander through an Orchid greenhouse, a cactus garden & a park filled with ancient and new trees & plant species.

Stop by the Animal and Plant Museum for an educational walk-through, and children will love khổng lồ see life-size animal replicas on exhibit.

35 – Experience a live show performance unlike any before during an AO Show

Credit khổng lồ AO Show

How many times in your life can you say that you’ve watched a bamboo circus, let alone heard of one?

Get lớn witness (and experience) the local spectacle known as the AO Show, put on by Lune Productions – one of the best things to vị in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị at night.

It’s sort of similar to lớn a Circus Soleil show where performers use their bodies khổng lồ perform tricks.

Here, the immersive performers create some insane artworks with their bodies & bamboo at the same time.

Fun fact: Bamboo is one of Vietnam’s most-used materials và there are over 300 different species of Bamboo growing in the country.

36 – Try a different kind of museum at the Ao dẻo Museum


If ever there’s an important event happening in Vietnam, from school concerts to weddings, the traditional áo lâu năm is worn and has been for hundreds of years.

Heading to lớn District 9 (a 1-hour drive via local public bus from District 1), visit the enthralling Ao dai Museum.

Paying an ode khổng lồ the traditional dress, discover hallways filled with 1,000 different kinds of áo lâu năm once worn by royalty & celebrities.

The grounds around the small museum are really pretty, surrounded by tropical trees, a lotus pond & an herb garden.

Visiting this part of town, while it is still inside Ho chi Minh City, has a ‘greener’ touch & a more rural sort of feel.

37 – Take a break at Turtle Lake (Hồ nhỏ Rù)


Although Hồ bé Rùa is known as Turtle Lake, there is no lake nor turtle here.

Instead, at the intersection of three roads, an octagon-shaped water feature has been built, with a square of trees surrounding it.

Located across the way from the Independence Palace, it’s also called the Independence Square and is a popular spot to enjoy local street food, as well as relax in the peaceful setting.

There is a spiral pathway that crosses the man-made pond, & a tall water fountain feature protrudes upwards and lights up in the evenings.

Must-try street snacks include fried corn, baked rice paper rolls và fried squid!

38 – Treat yo’ self to one of Saigon’s spas


There’s no denying the fact that Saigon is a big city, & between the different districts, attractions and the surrounding areas outside of Ho đưa ra Minh City, there’s loads of exploring to be done.

Spend an afternoon, or the day, relaxing, unwinding và pampering yourself at a lush spa. Treat yourself to lớn a massage, toàn thân treatment or a nail day.

Check into the artisanal boutique L’Apothiquaire spa làm đẹp set in the most gorgeous French-inspired villa. They offer everything from wellness treatments lớn pilates classes.

Looking khổng lồ spoil yourself? The award-winning Le spa des Artistes Saigon is one of the city’s most luxurious spas.

Conveniently located in the heart of District 1, Temple Leaf spa làm đẹp is award-winning & well known in Saigon. Choose between a range of different traditional treatments, from Vietnamese to lớn Thai massages.

Select from an array of different techniques from countries like Sweden, India, Japan, Indonesia, and xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện which are then combined with traditional medicinal Vietnamese therapies at Moc Huong Spa.

Conveniently, Golden Lotus spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp has numerous branches around HCMC, and they focus on Korean treatments, và beauty and wellness packages.

If you’ve been missing your weekly practice, there are yoga classes in Ho chi Minh City, as well as meditation sessions if you feel like you need khổng lồ recenter in the busy city.

39 – Visit the most famous architectural Buddhist temple in the South of Vietnam, chùa Vĩnh Tràng


Thanks lớn the sheer size of the grounds at miếu Vĩnh Tràng, or Vinh Trang Pagoda, it’s a striking feature và a must-visit.

While it’s not situated directly in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, it’s a 1.5-hour drive from HCMC and en route khổng lồ the Mekong River.

This makes it a convenient location if traveling here, or a great day trip option.

Discover multiple different Buddha statues around, including a ginormous laughing Buddha & a lying down Buddha.

Other than the larger-than-life-sized statues, the gardens are magical to walk through, và the unique temple architecture will grab your attention, screaming for a photo.

40 – Prepare yourself for a spectacle at the Saigon Opera House


Standing regal, the Saigon Opera House is an amazing excuse to put on your fancy clothes và spend an evening enjoying the arts & cultural side of things.

That is, when there is a live show happening! Today, it’s also known as the ‘Municipal Theatre’.

Some amazing shows include the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus & Contemporary Dance performances.

When there aren’t performances, or you’re not up for watching one, don’t miss exploring the beautiful building that is the opera house.

It was first constructed by a French architect in 1989, và the building’s architecture & interior thiết kế are evident of the times.

Walk across marbled floors và the grand staircase with its red carpet, while dripping chandeliers glisten from the rooftops.

41 – Create your own fantastical illusions at Artinus 3 chiều Art Museum


One of the most whimsical and enchanting 3d museums around, Artinus 3 chiều Art Museum has over 300 different 3 chiều picture walls to discover!

Have endless fun recreating your own magical moments inside the museum, where it takes on the illusion that you are part of the artworks and scenes.

The museum is divided into nine zones.

Pretend to be part of the deep sea inside the Aqua Zone or play with wildlife inside the Animal Zone.

The Master Piece Zone is epic and you feel as if you’re part of famous paintings.

The Vietnam Zone và Egypt Zone explore different time periods và regions, while the Fantasy Zone transports you lớn unknown worlds.

Pretend like you’re a genie flying above a magic carpet at the Strange House Zone & lastly, the Love Zone will leave you with all the cutesy feels and photo ops.

42 – After walking around in 50°c heat, take a dip in one of the Rooftop Pools

Credit to S Pool Bar

There may be no beaches found in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, but a popular way khổng lồ beat the heat is chilling at one of the city’s rooftop pools.

It’s not uncommon for hotels to mở cửa up their rooftop pools lớn outside visitors, and you will need lớn pay a daily entrance fee lớn use the pool.

Located on the 27th floor, enjoy a glass of champagne next khổng lồ the infinity pool at LA VELA, followed by a dip with sweeping views.

There’s also a breathtaking infinity pool at Hôtel des Arts Saigon.

The spacious pool at Equatorial has a kiddies pool và features a sunken pool bar, or S Pool Bar on the 18th floor of the Sofitel is awesome for a group of friends or families.

43 – From instruments to lớn ancient remedy books, discover the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine


Did you know that most of the country’s natural medicine practices have been influenced by Chinese philosophies and practices?

At the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine, check out 3,000 different items relating to lớn traditional medicine used in Vietnam, some dating back lớn the Stone Ages!

Discover tools và instruments used in the preparation of ancient remedies such as pestle and mortars, pots & knives.

As it highlights the evolution of traditional medicine, the museum showcases objects from pharmacies throughout the years, including scales and paper advertisements.

There are 14 different rooms to lớn visit, lượt thích the Medicinal Plants Shop, a room for Herbal Elixirs, the Fitô Pharmacy & more.

44 – showroom something new lớn your cooking repertoire with cooking classes


The flavors in Southern Vietnam are herbaceous, bold và super fresh. Learn how to cook like a local pro & take a cooking class whilst you’re visiting Saigon.

Enjoy a farm-to-table cooking experience. Visit a local farm, including a medicine farm, & pick fresh ingredients to use in your meal.

Learn about different herbs và produce, as well as insightful information such as how khổng lồ cultivate rice.

For something extra authentic, head into the jungle-y mangroves along the Mekong Delta and try a cooking class at a local village.

Here, visit a small floating market to lớn buy your ingredients & cook up a storm using preparation techniques & flavors from these local parts of the south.

45 – Learn about Chinese religion at cha Thien Hau Pagoda


There are many temples, churches and worship grounds khổng lồ visit around Ho bỏ ra Minh City, and Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is an interesting one to check out.

Many temples và sanctuaries are Buddhist in Saigon, but cha Thien Hau is a Chinese pagoda and has been since it was first built around 1760.

The sacred ancient ground was constructed by Chinese immigrants in Vietnam, & today it’s found right in the heart of Saigon’s Chinatown neighborhood.

The temple is dedicated to the Chinese goddess of the Sea, Mazu, or Thien Hau as she is known in Vietnamese.

There is a courtyard that connects four small houses, and inside the main hall is the altar dedicated khổng lồ Thien Hau.

Discover some beautiful antiques inside the temple grounds too, including stone statues và embossed artworks.

46 – cửa hàng at Ben Thanh Market, the most popular đô thị market


Close khổng lồ most of the major must-see attractions và things to bởi in Ho chi Minh City like Independence Palace, Saigon Opera House and the Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market is always busy.

Opening daily from 7 AM to 8 PM, siêu thị for all sorts of typical market buys from as cheap as VND10,000!

The indoor market is housed inside a historical building và visitors work their way through the rows & stalls.

Shop across categories, from affordable clothing khổng lồ local handicrafts & other accessories like backpacks to lớn souvenirs.

Find some stores selling labels lượt thích NorthFace and Zara for cheap prices.

Ben Thanh is a famous street food hotspot, so make sure you arrive hungry and get involved in the tastes of the south!

47 – Put on your boots & go hiking right outside Ho đưa ra Minh City


Just outside of Saigon you will find unending green landscapes which make for incredible hiking adventures.

Head lớn a local favorite, Lady đen Mountain (officially called Núi Bà Đen), và the sacred mountain offers numerous hiking trails và temples to check out along the way.

(There’s also a gondola service that takes you khổng lồ the peak of bố Den và if you’re lucky grab views from above the floating clouds!)

Two hours outside of HCMC discover Chua Chan Mountain. Hike the 800-meter high trail and once you reach the top, locals are selling delicious snacks lượt thích bánh xèo (filled rice pancakes).

Go hunting waterfalls inside the Dinh Mountain range and this hike is a colorful one. Pass by pagodas, temples, streams, & Vũng Tàu beach is close by.

If looking for an overnight summit stay, travel to lớn Lang Biang Mountain in da Lat Province (a five-hour drive from HCMC).

Another great hiking day trip is lớn the cat Tien National Park, & unlike some mountain ranges, the park is made up of tropical forestry.

48 – Arrive in HCMC ready to feast at the best restaurants


Saigon has a great dining scene, whether you’re hunting down local flavors, a night of fine dining or plates of food from other countries.

Built in a French-colonial building, cục Gạch tiệm celebrates local countryside dishes in the most ambient setting.

Dress up for the night at Xu Restaurant Lounge which highlights modern and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Plates of food are plated beautifully.

Dine with a (skyline) view at Shri Restaurant và Lounge & enjoy a menu that fuses international and local ingredients và dishes.

Craving authentic Italian? Ciao Bella is renowned for offering some of Italy’s best dishes in Ho chi Minh City.

Both locals và tourists love Secret Garden. It’s set in a traditional house và covered by lanterns, like a scene from Hoi An. Indulge in local Vietnamese dishes & flavors và the restaurant and teahouse has a fantastic all-round atmosphere.

For the freshest poke bowls in town, you can’t go wrong at Poke Saigon … Never an unsatisfied customer, they have great service too!

49 – Explore adventurously via jeep tours


Hop inside a cool retro army jeep and explore Ho đưa ra Minh city in a way that’s not mundane.

It’s not only epic to lớn join the masses of motorbikes & cars on the roads, but riding the jeeps with an xuất hiện roof adds a welcomed breeze.

Spend a full, or half-day venturing around the city & stopping at must-see attractions such as Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, and the War Remnants Museum, among many others.

There are different jeep tour options, and you can choose the best type of vehicle mã sản phẩm that suits you, for example, some jeeps are more suitable for families.

If you’ve already discovered all there is to vì chưng in HCMC, then opt for a jeep tour lớn the Cu bỏ ra Tunnels instead!

50 – Celebrate Hanoi’s cultural & spiritual history at Suoi Tien Theme Park


Aimed at being a cultural, spiritual & entertaining paradise for all ages, Suoi Tien Theme Park is filled with water features, slides và rides!

Themed around Vietnam’s myths and legends, as you wander around the amusement park spot larger-than-life statues of mythical gods và figurines all around.

Even the rides have magical names such as the Fairy Stream, Snow Castle & the Great Palace which features a gigantic Phoenix rooftop.

Not only rides, visit the Twelve-zodiac Spiritual Temple, the Three-fortune Imperial Palace & the Nine Streams Waterfall.

Check out its replica of Danang’s Marble Mountains, & there’s a forest lớn walk through too.

51 – Explore fruit orchards, coconut groves & rural riverside life at Ben Tre


Take in the pretty sights and learn something at the same time when you visit the “Coconut Capital of Vietnam”, Ben Tre Province located along the Mekong Delta.

Apart from the dozens và dozens of coconut trees around, they also make everything coco from wooden souvenirs & sculptures to lớn yummy coconut candy!

Other than buying goods và watching the crafters in action, the area itself is super pretty as it’s located along the Mekong Delta River.

Take a boat tour to Ben Tre village, & there are many temples & pagodas in the area too.

52 – Revel in the magnificence of Chua Van Phat


Whilst looks may be deceiving, this Buddhist temple gets its nickname ‘Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery’ for a reason, và just wait until you step inside Chua Van Phat …

Marvel at literally 10,000 Buddha statues that you will find inside the glistening hallways of the four-story Buddhist temple.

On the top màn chơi sits the main Buddha, a six-meter tall statue of Buddha và behind that, thousands of intricately designed smaller Buddha statues line the walls in individually boxed rows.

Located in Cholon (also locally known as Chinatown), it’s hidden down a small street, but this helps lend the grounds a super peaceful atmosphere.

53 – Adults & kids have fun exploring these sites, including an artificial sea at Đại nam giới Văn Hiến


Filled with breathtaking cultural và historical sites, plus other fun activities, dẻo Nam Van Hien is a tourism complex one hour outside of HCMC.

There are seven areas to lớn explore, & you will want to dedicate a few hours here, making it an ideal half-day excursion.

There’s a farm, race track và an adventure park, but one standout feature is the dẻo Nam Temple.

It was erected in 2003, và surrounding the grand temple grounds are mountains, rivers, waterways & a golden nine-story pagoda, Bao Thap.

Another thrilling attraction is the dai Nam Amusement Park và the kids will have a blast running among the life-size dinosaur statues, or oversized cartoon characters!

There are adrenaline-inducing rides, as well as those suited for children.

Couples, enjoy a ride on the carousel for your own old-school lãng mạn moment.

54 – Hit the streets of Chinatown, i.e. Cholon


Saigon’s Cholon district is also known as Ho đưa ra Minh Chinatown, trang chủ to a strong Chinese-Vietnamese local community since the kết thúc of the 1700s!

There’s so much to do và see in the area, you can easily spend two or three hours discovering what’s around.

Arrive with an empty stomach and try some of the most delicious foods in HCMC.

The dim sum trò chơi is strong, và try special dishes like Hu Tieu Sa Te Bo (beef satay noodle soup), or mi Vit Tiem (a duck egg-noodle soup).

Shop for traditional medicines, produce, herbs and spices, as well as souvenirs & local handicrafts. Binh Tay Market is in Chinatown too.

The area has many pagodas, temples and worship grounds lượt thích Thien Hau Pagoda và Cholon Mosque.

Take photos of the quality architecture in this part of Saigon, that mixes Vietnamese and Chinese design.

55 – Take a dinner cruise on the river


Are you on the hunt for something extra lãng mạn to vị while in Saigon? Consider a dinner cruise on the Saigon River.

Dine under the stars, or opt for a sunset cruise with an earlier dinner & departure time instead.

Cruise along the river on a private wooden yacht, or luxury boat và watch the city’s lights dance on the waters.

During the evening, enjoy live performances on board which adds to lớn the ambiance.

Some dinner cruises include sightseeing before you board the boat, or others have the option to end off the evening with a classic water puppet show – a favorite Saigon activity

Although it’s a lovely option for couples, dinner cruises are xuất hiện to all ages.

56 – Get ready for a night out on Bui Vien Walking Street


Also nicknamed “Western Street”, Bui Vien Walking Street is in District 1 & it’s known for its pumping nightlife scene.

Many backpacker-type travelers particularly love this part of the city, & its streets come alive with chats among travelers and locals, beer drinking và live street performances.

Join a pub crawl, go bar hopping or dance the night away at a nightclub along the popular walking street.

Apart from the nightlife, Bui Vien Street has many cute & interesting coffee shops and cafes khổng lồ stop by.

You can also find an array of street food, with international classics like doner kebab, or bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette sandwich).

57 – Save room in your suitcase for shopping at the best night markets


Apart from the daytime markets in HCMC, there are some great night markets to kiểm tra out that are extra vibey when evening arrives.

Stock up on the latest trends at Hạnh Thông Tây Market và there’s a delightful mix of local and international street foods, from nem cuốn (Vietnamese spring rolls) to NYC-style Pizza slices to lớn kimbap (Korean seaweed rice rolls).

Put your bargaining skills lớn the test at Chợ Minh Phụng (locally known as Chợ Cây Gõ) and shop for clothing & cosmetics sold at wholesale prices — legit!

Around since 1942, make your way through the plethora of stalls spilling out onto the streets with vendors selling everything from local food lớn fashion at cha Chieu Market.

Flowers are always a good idea, and even if not to buy any, as you meander through Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, take in the scents & different colors.

58 – Ever watched a puppet show in water? Don’t miss the Golden rồng Water Puppet Theater


Water puppet shows are famous in Vietnam & it’s a fantastic way to learn about the local culture.

To witness the traditional art khung in live-action, visit the Golden rồng Water Puppet Theater in Ho đưa ra Minh City.

Using wooden handcrafted puppets, the entire puppet show happens in the water on a stage in front of a small auditorium of chairs.

Using different characters, hear of mythical stories và legends as they’re re-enacted out in front of you.

For example, watch traditional boat races, witness the Fairy Dance or learn about the legendary Le Loi & the “Restored Sword” of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.

To đứng đầu off the experience, some artists play traditional instruments and music to lớn accompany the act. Expect lớn hear melodies created from rice drums or the Vietnamese two-chord fiddle.

59 – Get festive with a beer tasting tour


Just as coffee is a culture in Vietnam, so is beer drinking. A great way to get lớn know the local brewing scene is lớn take a beer tasting tour.

There are many local Vietnamese beers to lớn try out, as well as a ton of pubs và restaurants that brew their own.

Craft connoisseurs will be happy lớn know there’s a major craft beer movement in HCMC.

Enjoy a beer tasting tour & find many bars and local drinking holes that sell some incredible craft beers — local và international.

When booking a beer tasting tour in Saigon, you can opt specifically for a craft beer tasting tour, or enjoy a regular beer tasting tour in HCMC, stopping by local bia hois (a large drinking hall that only sells beer và local snacks).

60 – Head on up to lớn the best rooftop bars


Ho đưa ra Minh city is without a doubt, Vietnam’s metropolitan city, and with the number of tall buildings and skyscrapers around, take advantage and kiểm tra out the best rooftop bars.

Find the highest infinity rooftop pool at the Social Club Saigon located inside the stunning Hôtel des Arts. Enjoy happy hour by the pool & you can drink in the đô thị views until midnight.

Take in the 360-degree skyline views at super stylish AIR Saigon.

Check out trendy Glow SkyBar for signature cocktails và a vibey nightlife where fashionistas come to lớn play.

Paying an ode khổng lồ the past, step inside the elegant Gin on 8 rooftop speakeasy bar located on the riverside. The boutique bar transports you to lớn classical time periods, & as the name suggests, their mixologists specialize in gin.

The vibes are more relaxed at Banana Mama, and with its set of boho Southeast Asian meets European design, it’s the perfect spot for a group of friends.

Grab craft beers and burgers at Rogue Saigon and enjoy funky tunes playing in the background and live DJs to get you into the mood.

Where khổng lồ stay?

Feel as if you’re on the edge of the world at the gorgeous LA VELA Saigon Hotel. Sporting lavish interiors, with hints of Middle Eastern influences, the guest infinity pool is the cherry on the cake.

Find yourself feeling so relaxed you’ll never want lớn leave your stay at Fusion Suites. Enjoy suites with big mở cửa windows surrounded by trees and soft light, & the floating bathtubs are everything!

You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the English countryside at the Au Lac Charner Hotel, including a rooftop garden.

Thanks lớn its clever design và architectural set-up you will feel all the zen vibes at the Japanese-inspired Cochin Zen Hotel.

For an artsy-inspired hotel, check into The Myst Dong Khoi, or the luxurious Hôtel des Arts Saigon – MGallery for a taste of the arts throughout the ages.

Arriving at chảy Son Nhat Airport, organize a private pick-up and transfer from the airport khổng lồ your khách sạn in the city.

Final thoughts

From temples to lớn night markets, cruises along the famous Mekong Delta River and visits khổng lồ historical sites that remain pivotal parts of history … There are so many things to vị in Ho chi Minh city that tickle everyone’s fancy.

Once you’re done with all of your thành phố explorings, consider an epic weekend or 3-day trip lớn the surrounding southern areas & book a multi-day tour.

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One of the most memorable is an overnight stay along the iconic Mekong Delta. Spend the night in a local traditional homestay và experience the most authentic Vietnamese vibes.

Without leaving the city, there are miễn phí walking tours in Saigon to take part in. Visit top đô thị attractions on foot & learn from the local pros fun facts a