10 best things to do in da lat, vietnam {2022 guide!}

If you're looking for a break from the endless heat, & want to head into the mountains, then kiểm tra out the 10 best things to lớn vị in Da Lat, Vietnam.

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Vietnam is great. It’s as simple as that.

The people are amazing, the food tastes great, there is so much to vì & everything is just so cheap!

But are you starting lớn feel a bit tired out by the heat? Or maybe you’ve sầu seen enough of the coast?

Either way, Da Lat is certainly the answer khổng lồ your prayers! It’s nestled high up in the mountains và has a chilled Spring-time temperature almost all year round.

Better yet, there’s plenty to vì for all passionate backpackers looking khổng lồ experience more of this wonderful country.

So, to help save sầu you any more wasted time spent sat behind your computer, let's get stuchồng in with the 10 best things to bởi in Da Lat, Vietnam.

(Oh yeah ... and I’ve sầu thrown in plenty of pictures and maps to lớn help you out!)


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Getting to lớn & from Da Lat

Visiting Da Lat is actually pretty straightforward, và you will usually come South from Nha Trang or North from Mui Ne.

When we were in Ho Chi Minh, we picked up the hop-on-hop-off bus pass which allowed us khổng lồ stop in the best stops all the way up through Vietnam for a little over 30 dollars. 

However, another popular mode of transport that people seem to lớn take is an Easy Rider tour. Again, these leave from Nha Trang or Mui Ne.

This time, instead of being in a bus, you’ll be on the baông xã of someone's motorbike! It’s not my kind of thing, as I’d rather be in control of the xe đạp, but plenty of people seem to lớn vày this sort of trip all up the country.

If you are interested, then I recommkết thúc finding out more here on Get Your Guide.

If you are coming from Ho Chi Minch to lớn Da Lat then I 100% recommkết thúc this mini bus transfer for a seriously great price. That’s if you haven’t opted for the traditional sleeper bus option. 

You can book that transfer here. If you haven’t got a multi-bus sleeper bus ticket that takes you through the whole country, then your best option is to lớn get minibus style transfers khổng lồ và from your destinations. You can tìm kiếm 12Go Asia for the best giao dịch & options here.

Where is the best place to lớn stay in Da Lat?

I’ve gone ahead and selected some of the most popular properties based on each budget.

I’ve also included a liên kết through lớn Booking.com.

We use this site khổng lồ make all of our bookings in Asia, seeing as they offer the best choice, best prices and awesome Genius Perk discounts.

Best Budget hostel in Da Lat:

Nguyen Minh Hostel - This is where we stayed in Da Lat & I would recommend it to lớn other travellers. It’s in a good location, the staff are friendly & they can rent you mopeds for the day. Oh, và it comes with breakfast included! What more could you want for $10!?

Best mid-range Dalat accommodation

Crazy House - I talked about Crazy House above sầu as one of the best places to lớn visit in Da Lat. It’s a quirky building that is as much a tourist attraction as a place to lớn stay in Dalat. Their lowest priced rooms are the “Termite Room”. But if you're feeling extra adventurous, you could spkết thúc a bit more and stay somewhere as nice as the “Lvà Eagle Room”.

Best luxury khách sạn in Da Lat

Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spage authority - If you want to lớn experience true style and opulence in Da Lat, then this has to be the go to lớn choice. I am stunned by how cheap this is for what you get, and you’d likely pay 5 or 10 times the price per night khổng lồ stay somewhere like this back in the UK! As well as an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, cinema & golf simulator, this property has incredible views out over the lake! All rooms are very modern & luxurious &, the next time I go to lớn Da Lat I think this is where I will splash out & stay!

For a better rundown of where lớn stay in Da Lat, Check out this guide we put together:


The 10 best things khổng lồ vị in Da Lat

1. Datanla Falls

First on your stop when visiting Da Lat should be to lớn head to Datanla Falls. It’s about 15 minutes outside of the centre of Da Lat, và the route there is pretty straightforward.

Once you arrive, you can head in và buy your tickets & take a casual walk around the park enjoying the falls & taking in the scenery.

Oh & don't forget khổng lồ pay for your parking, it’s a whole 3,000VND … so, roughly 15 cents!

Depending on how long you’re in Da Lat for, you might want to lớn consider doing an adventure tour whilst at the falls. You can choose a variety of packages, offering things such as water abseiling & an adventure course through the trees.

Click here to lớn get a full rundown of the tours there. They are pretty cheap, but just be sure to book up early as these can get really busy in the summer months.

TOUR: If you like adrenaline filled activities, then you can try your chances at canyoneering at Dalanta falls. We have sầu seen a lot of groups doing it, but didn’t even know it was a possible activity until we got there. Chechồng out this awesome tour.


2. Go tobogganing and ride a cable car!

Whilst you’re there, you can also go tobogganing and jump on a cable car. These two activities are, once again, very cheap và you can purchase tickets with your entrance.

The tobogganing is particularly good fun, và saves you a lot of walking when you are in the park itself (check out our footage in the Clip below).

Again, however, these activities can get very busy. As such, we recommkết thúc getting the park as early in the day as you can, so to get them out of the way và skip the crowds.

You can get your tickets in advance for this activity here online. Always worth not queuing as it can get super busy!


3. Elephant Falls

The best way to get to lớn Elephant Falls is to carry on all the way down và around the main road that leads off south from Datanla. It’s a beautiful journey, and you also have sầu the option to lớn stop off at Prenn waterfall on the way.

Either way, it is certainly worth seeing Elephant Falls, và you get a pleasant scramble down the rocks to get your view.

Do be aware, the path down is broken in many places, though certainly not impassable. However, you will likely get wet on the way down (which is usually a welcome treat in Vietnam!

The cost to lớn get in is only about trăng tròn,000 VND (so, 1 USD).

TOUR: If you want to kiểm tra out more awesome waterfalls in Da Lat, then kiểm tra out this great waterfall tour! 

4. Happy Buddha

Literally two doors down from the Elephant Falls you will find Happy Buddha và the Linc An Tu Pagoda. Though we wouldn’t have sầu gone out of our way khổng lồ visit these two things on their own, you might as well see them whilst you’re there.

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5. Visit the Valley of Love

The Valley of Love is one of the much more westernised things khổng lồ vị in Da Lat và is a bit pricey. If I’m honest with you as well, we never even went in!

Our plan was to get there for the sunphối but, when we arrived, we just found it khổng lồ be a little overpriced & touristy for our liking.

Plus, Cazzy’s type 1 diabetes was starting to play up & we thought it best lớn head baông chồng khổng lồ the đô thị. If you are interested in seeing the Valley of Love, here is their trang web.

6. Linh Phuoc Pagoda

The Linc Phuoc Pagoda is situated roughly 9 km outside of the city centre. It is quite chất lượng in itself, as the garden houses a 49-metre long dragon made from broken pottery & glass.

Xem thêm: Khách Sạn City Bay Palace (Vịnh Hạ Long), Khách Sạn City Bay Palace

The entire pagoda is quite astounding, and it is fascinating khổng lồ look at it up cthất bại and marvel at the Vietnamese craftsmanship.

Better yet, admission is không tính tiền, so it’s worth a stop if you have sầu the time to spare & are happy lớn ride out there.

In fact, you can even get a small train out there apparently, but we have no experience of this ourselves. Travelfish can offer you a little more insight inlớn the trains that run there. 

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7. Flower park

Once you’re bachồng in Dalat city centre, you should be sure to lớn kiểm tra out the wonderful Flower Park they have there.

It is located at the over of the main lake in the thành phố and is a very thắm thiết place to lớn just walk & take in the sights và sounds.

However, the park closes at 4pm most days, so be sure lớn get there on time, rather than savings it as your last thing to lớn vị that day

‍Ho Xuan Huong lake

8. Ride a swan (at Ho Xuan Huong lake)

The main lake in Da Lat thành phố centre has to be the biggest attraction on offer. It is a truly wonderful spot to lớn sit & relax, and it is surprising how such a thing even exists so high up in the mountains.

I would recommover hiring out one of the swan paddle boats taking a ride out & around the lake. We chose this as the last activity of our day in Da Lat và were certainly not let down by the experience.

As it was later in the evening, the sun was starting khổng lồ mix and the temperature had cooled nicely. I can't remember how much it cost, however, it was certainly not expensive sầu.

Apologies for the state I am in, we had a long day of riding!

9. The Crazy House

The Crazy House is perhaps the strangest thing lớn expect to lớn vày in Da Lat as it has nothing lớn vì with nature.

Instead, it is a strange house that was built by architect Dang Viet Nga. The interior of the building includes a whole host of quirky kiến thiết features like mushrooms and caves.

You also get some nice views of parts of the thành phố. Again, it’s not expensive sầu và, if you have the time lớn spare, you can take a quichồng look around for a mere 40,000 VND.

Alternatively, you can pay a bit more & even stay there for the night. Compared to lớn other hostels in Vietphái nam it would be expensive sầu, coming in at around $45 a night và above sầu.

You can check out the lowest prices for Crazy House here.

However, it certainly would be a story lớn tell and, if you’re not inkhổng lồ partying và drinking the night away, is probably the best thing khổng lồ vì chưng in Da Lat at night.

Or, if you're looking lớn explore something more conventional, then I recommover checking out this post on architecture in Da Lat. Especially if you're a tín đồ of French kiến thiết.

10. Ride a moped

Without a doubt, the best thing lớn vì chưng in Da Lat is lớn hire a moped to ride around to all of these wonderful stops. The beautiful thing about Da Lat is it is high in the mountains so offers breathtaking views at so many points.

Also, the journey from Datanla Falls round khổng lồ Elephant Falls is one of the best rides we encountered in all of Vietnam giới. The roads are mostly in great shape, và you get lớn pass through a whole host of small villages & settlements where you see the locals hard at work.

If you are inexperienced, then the journey may be tiring và long (it’s about 40km), though there’s plenty of areas lớn stop along the way. Again, just be sure to lớn leave as early as possible to get the most out of the day & not be rushed for time.

Renting a moped in Da Lat is very easy, & most hostels seem lớn hire them out. The standard price is around 1đôi mươi,000 VND, which is far cheaper than if you were to hire a bus tour for the day.

Especially if there are 2 of you khổng lồ a moped lượt thích there always was with me & Cazzy. Also, fuel is so cheap that you hardly need to factor it inkhổng lồ budgeting!

So, where are all of these great things located?

When you're out exploring any thành phố in South East Asia, I recommkết thúc you use maps.me.

You can tải về maps of where you are going to lớn be exploring, & can then load them up automatically even without an internet connection.

So, as for Da Lat, below is a screenshot of all of the places mentioned in this post.

They are very easy to lớn find, just tìm kiếm for them in the search bar on the maps.me tiện ích. Then, when you find each one, bookmark it so they are easy khổng lồ see when you are out & about!

Simples *squeak*

What things did you find lớn bởi in Da Lat?

Well, that's it for my recommendation of the best things khổng lồ do in Da Lat. It really is a wonderful place khổng lồ be và is a much-needed oasis amidst an otherwise extremely hot country.

I would recommover that everyone take at least a day or two to lớn stop off there is so much to vì chưng và it's great for backpackers on a tight budget.

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If you've been lớn Da Lat and used this guide or found other things to lớn bởi, then please let me know below! I'd love sầu to hear from you & reminisce further of my time in this astounding country.