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type": "GeoCoordinates","latitude": "16.471406","longitude": "107.587220"}All CitiesBecome a GuideArticlesshow_user_acc_blk(1);show_js_inner();#tour_pg .gradient_block width:100%; clear:both; padding:3%; box-sizing:border-box; background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #dfe9f3 0%, trắng 100%) Trần Hưng Đạo (Tran Hung Dao Street), HueAfter passing the Trang Tien bridge from the Le Roi street, you’ll reach the Tran Hung Dao Street that lies along the Perfume River, on the south part of Hue Citadel. This shopping street is famous for the great variety of conical Vietnamese hats - Nón lá - that every tourist must have. Besides numerous shops & bars, here you’ll see many stall vendors with fruits & souvenirs. Don’t forget rule number one in Vietnam’s shopping: bargain!Image Courtesy of Flickr & Adam Jones, Ph.D..Want to lớn visit this sight? kiểm tra out these Self-Guided Walking Tours in Hue. Alternatively, you can download the mobile phầm mềm "trade-union.com.vn: Walks in 1K+ Cities" from iTunes tiện ích Store or Google Play. The tiện ích turns your thiết bị di động device lớn a personal tour guide và it works offline, so no data plan is needed when traveling abroad.Download The trade-union.com.vn AppTrần Hưng Đạo (Tran Hung Dao Street) on MapCreate Your Own Self-Guided Walk khổng lồ Visit This Sightjarr = "pins":<<"16.471406","107.587220","Tru1ea7n Hu01b0ng u0110u1ea1o (Tran Hung Dao Street)","0">>,"path":<>;Sight Name: trằn Hưng Đạo (Tran Hung Dao Street)Sight Location: Hue, Vietnam (See walking tours in Hue)Sight Type: ShoppingGuide(s) Containing This Sight:Shopping in Hue Walking Tours in Hue, VietnamCreate Your Own Walk in HueCreating your own self-guided walk in Hue is easy & fun. Choose the thành phố attractions that you want khổng lồ see & a walk route bản đồ will be created just for you. You can even phối your khách sạn as the start point of the walk.Imperial thành phố Walking TourThe Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty built their feudal capital along the fertile banks of the Perfume River, whose steady flow, centuries on, still sets up a languid pace that the rest of the đô thị is happy lớn follow.Situated within the walls of the Royal Citadel, The Imperial đô thị in Hue is one of, if not the most prominent landmark in Vietnam, renowned for its wonderful collection of oriental... View moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 2.9 Km or 1.8 MilesHue Introduction Walking TourOnce the seat of the imperial dynasty in the heart of Vietnam, Hue is chock-full of stories. During feudal times, for nearly 150 years – from 1802 to 1945, the đô thị served as the national capital. The royal lifestyle and customs have had a strong impact on the lifestyle of locals, and this impact can still be felt today.First cited about 200 BCE as the seat of the Chinese military authority... View moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 3.5 Km or 2.2 MilesShopping in HueHue attracts tourists with its architectural landmarks, but it also offers an unforgettable shopping experience. Shopping in this wonderful city is an excellent opportunity to get closer khổng lồ the Vietnamese culture và its traditions. In Hue you will find a great variety of local crafts and souvenirs that should be on your shopping list. Take this self-guided shopping tour to visit the most popular... View moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 4.8 Km or 3 Milestrade-union.com.vn IncSelf-guided walking tours apps on iOS & Android for exploring cities on foot - they make bus tours obsolete!© 2023 trade-union.com.vn Inc. All Rights Reserved.AboutAll CitiesTutorialsCreate a WalkArticlesPrivacy PolicyTermsDisclosurediv#footer_branding, iframe#sovrn_beacon visibility:hidden !important; display:none !important window.ga=window.ga||function()<>).push(arguments);ga.l=+new Date;ga("create", "UA-11316775-1", "auto");ga("send", "pageview");