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*Fares displayed have been collected within the last 48hrs & may no longer be available at time of booking. Additional fees & charges for optional products and services may apply.

Nha Trang - Trầm Forest, Yến Sea

Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal đô thị embraced by stretchy trắng sands và wavy ripples that glint under the sun. Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa has for long been coined the Realm of Sagebrush Forests and Bird’s Nest Ocean – two invaluable natural gems the province is particularly abundant in sagebrush that boasts the finest unique in Vietnam, & also is the favorite shelter of salanganes. Nha Trang is embraced by Champa culture, demonstrated through its old grave stupas.

Nha Trang Bay: A trip lớn Nha Trang would be incomplete without the famous bay. Visitors can relax in the crystalline blue water here and walk barefoot on fine white sands. Some islets lượt thích Mun Islet, Silkworm Islet, Diep Son Islet & the Monkey Island boast breathtaking scenery that hold many admiring gazes. Mun Islet: Mun Islet is the home of a thousand coral species of the world và also the first maritime reserve of Vietnam. Its name was derived from numerous dark rocky caves. Each year, salanganes migrate here to build nests in droves within these caves. Under the transparent water, swarms of fish cram around corals that shine with their kaleidoscopic watery gleam. Monkey Island: Monkey Island is the habitat of over 1,200 apes of different families, including red faced doucs & grey apes. They are miễn phí in the wild và quite benign to the humans. PoNagar Stupa: Visitors to lớn Nha Trang should pay a visit khổng lồ Ponagar Stupa lớn take a glimpse of Champa culture. It’s the largest extant Champa architectural compound in Vietnam, preserving the quality cultural essence of the country through every single brick wall, old tiled roof, elaborate ornament graphics và myths of Goddess Ponagar. Long Son Pagoda: Long Son Pagoda is the sacred pilgrimage destination for Buddhists over the centuries. The pagoda is an old grave and draped in divinity as the host of the Golden Sakyamuni – the largest outdoor Buddha statue of Vietnam. The statue stands at 24m against the xanh sky, in the midst of swirling incense & jolt stick smoke.

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Nha Trang is particularly known for its bird's nest – a nutritious specialty collected from salanganes. It can be used in a variety of food, including steamed bird’s nest, bird’s nest soup… that work wonders on human health. Food in Nha Trang also includes a great giảm giá of fresh seafood, ranging from well-steamed red prawns và crabs to stir fried squids served with dense stock. Nha Trang also earns its reputation for grilled rolls of Ninh Hoa, jellyfish rice vermicelli, Dien Khanh wet rice cakes, Vietnamese rice crackers with mango and squid căn cakes, all striking a deep impression at the very first bite. Grilled rolls of Ninh Hoa are among the best delicacies. Grilled pork is sweet và mouthwatering, rolled in crunchy seafood rolls và corianders, which taste flavorful và soothing.

Visitors to lớn Nha Trang thành phố can take part in some water activities , including floating wine parties, kayaking, coracle rides & water motor rides. Nha Trang is accompanied by a lot of chất lượng recreational areas that lure crowds of tourists , including Vinpearl Land complex, Sealife and Phu Dong Park. Let’s spend a whole day at Vinpearl Land & explore the aquarium, the water music stage, và head to Sealife to bounce back and forth at the largest bounce house of Vietnam, or try an underwater motor ride, kitesurfing and bounce surfs… A trip khổng lồ Nha Trang in May brings you lớn Nha Trang Sea Festival that involves numerous amazing events such as fireworks displays và Qilian – Lion – dragon processions. Between the Lunar 20th and 23th of March, Ponagar Stupa festival takes place at Ponagar Stupa complex khổng lồ give spectators an insight of the vernacular Champa culture.

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Passengers take a flight to Nha Trang and arrive at Cam rỡ International Airport, approximately 35km away from the city center, corresponding khổng lồ 1 hour of commute. Passengers may take a shuttle bus at the terminal gate for VND65,000/ride. Buy the ticket at the counter at the terminal gate và get in the bus from the left door. Some hotels offer direct airport shuttle buses, so you should liên hệ them in advance or hail a xe taxi on the street, which charges on average of VND250,000 to lớn 350,000/ride.