Vinpearl cửa hội nghệ an


Nestled alongside the Cua Lo beach, Nghe An. This resort is perfect for family weekend getaways or holiday destination. The resort offers comfortable rooms with sea views to lớn luxury villas with a private pool, combining elegance with a spectacular view of the ocean or garden.

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A comfortable & spacious room with balcony overlooking the tropical garden which gives you an outdoor view while unwind with a book or coffee. Every room is fully equipped with modern amenities and facilities.

The perfect pristine accommodation features an exceptional view of the Cua Lo beach. Each room owns a private relaxing balcony with views of ocean, attached bathroom with bathtub and contemporary in-room amenities.

Room in French style design, with relaxing lake views where elegance meets peace. Each room is featuring a spacious bed, a bathroom with bathtub and comfort bathrobe for great night sleep.

Immerse yourself in an elegant room with balcony overlooking the ocean. This accommodation features a wide master bedroom và a twin bedroom, a large ensuite bathroom with bathtub và a separate rain shower.

Bask in the sun on your own private balcony overlooking the lush tropical garden. Every room is decorated in warm colors và features elegant wooden furniture. It is all well-equipped with modern amenities khổng lồ offer you comfort và relaxation.

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If you never want to thua kém sight of the sea during your holiday in Nghe An, this room makes sure lớn upgrade yourself to lớn the ocean view. It’s an ideal choice for couples looking to showroom some romance to lớn their stay.

Fresh và elegant suite with modern design, the most luxurious room of the hotel, offers fabulous views of the ocean & provides everything you need for a comfortable stay, consisting of one spacious bedroom & a private balcony.

Ultimate luxury và privacy can be found in each villa with a private deck pool surrounded by lush tropical garden. The villa is elegantly furnished with modern facilities while providing a great atmosphere for relaxation for family or groups.

Just a few steps from the beach, this villa is a hidden paradise for families và friends seeking the retreat in North Central Vietnam. The villa combines modern và French architecture inspired by the ocean view with a private swimming pool.

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