War Remnants Museum Map


The War Remnants Museum is one of Ho bỏ ra Minh City’s (Saigon) most visited attractions and it’s easy khổng lồ see why. Paying tribute to and sharing the story of the tragic Vietnam war, it’s an incredibly moving and expertly curated insight into the turbulent recent history of the country.

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Outside the museum there are a number of military machines left by the Americans after their withdrawal from Vietnam. Inside, the museum guides you through a thematic exploration of the war and it’s disastrous impacts. As the first war to have been extensively documented by journalists & photographers, the museum communicates largely through the use of incredibly powerful and often distressing imagery. Particularly in relation khổng lồ ‘Agent Orange’ và the ongoing impacts, it’s very hard viewing.

Abandoned USAF plane

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There’s no sugarcoating this truly violent period that Vietnam faced & visitors need lớn be aware that the experience, whilst incredibly important và worthwhile, is also deeply upsetting. It’s a truly outstanding museum and an essential visit whilst staying in Ho chi Minh City; Vietnam’s history must be shared và remembered when enjoying this beautiful country.

Anti war badges

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