A Visit To The War Remnants Museum In Ho Chi Minh City

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The đôi mươi,000 artifacts in the museum are grouped inkhổng lồ several displays, all relating to lớn the Vietnam giới War & its proximate conflicts. These include the following:

Historical Truths: A room containing photographs, propagandomain authority, news clippings, & signboards geared toward showing the wrongdoings of the U.S. government in the 1960s & 1970s. One display reproachfully quotes the U.S. Constitution, a passive-aggressive sầu jab at how far America fell beneath its principles when it got involved in Vietnam giới.Requiem: A powerful collection of 330 photographs taken by 134 international journalists who worked throughout the Vietnam War. Curated by Vietphái mạnh War photographer Tim Page và former Associated Press bureau chief Horst Faas, the collection shows the horrors of war as seen by both Viet Cong photographers and their Western counterparts.

If you want a piece of the museum lớn take trang chính with you, stop by the souvenir shop for books, postcards, & memorabilia recycled from war materiel, including keyrings made from ancient bullet casings.


Mike Aquino

Tools of War Outside the War Remnants Museum

Along with the inside displays, many restored pieces of American military hardware are parked around the grounds of the War Remnants Museum.

On the museum’s front courtyard, preceding the entrance, you’ll see captured American armored vehicles, Self-propelled artillery, & ground artillery pieces.

Behind the museum (visible from the upper floors) are aircraft lượt thích fighter planes and helicopters, including a massive Chinook chopper. The “Huey” UH-1H on the grounds played a role in an action that earned Army Medic Guy LaPointe a posthumous Medal of Honor.

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Right next khổng lồ the building you’ll also find defused bombs, missiles & other ordnance left over from the Americans.

As you exit the museum, don't miss the mochồng POW prison on the museum grounds. Signboards & graphic photographs portray various ways that prisoners were mistreated - primarily before the U.S, became involved in Vietphái mạnh. Tiger cages – tiny enclosures used lớn torture prisoners – are on display as well as an actual guillotine used for executions until 1960.

Although the exhibits are blatantly one-sided and need khổng lồ be taken with a grain of salternative text, they vị graphically portray the horrors of war. The War Remnants Museum is worth a visit no matter your opinion on U.S. involvement in Vietphái nam.

Getting lớn the Museum, Visiting Information

The War Remnants Museum is located in Ho Chi Minc City - formerly known as Saigon - in District 3 at the corner of Vo Van Tan and Le Quoy Don, just northwest of the Reunification Palace. A xe taxi from the tourist district near Pđam mê Ngu Lao should cost under $2.

mở cửa Hours: 7:30am to lớn 5pm daily; the ticketing window closes from 11:45am lớn 1:30 pm. The last admission to the museum is at 4:30 p.m.

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When khổng lồ Visit: The War Remnants Museum gets busy in late afternoon as tours to the Cu Chi Tunnels finish there. Avoid the crowds by going earlier in the day.