Twenty-four hours are simply not enough lớn experience the best of Hanoi, but we understvà what it is like khổng lồ travel under time & budget constraints. With that in mind, & based on our travels, we’ve come up with an awesome itinerary for you khổng lồ experience the best of what the đô thị has to offer in a period of 24 hours.

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Get acquainted with Hanoi (and Vietnam) by going on an early morning stroll. Grab a banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich) và a ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced milk coffee) from a sidewalk stall và just walk. If you head out around 05:00 a.m., you’ll be able to lớn witness the city wake up.


Head to the Old Quarter, which is the historical & commercial center of the capital. There are 16 streets here you can explore, with each street named after what the majority of the shops specialize in. For example, Hang Gai street is silk street, và this is where you will find most of the tailor shops. Walk around aimlessly as you will come across the best sights this way. Homeowners cleaning the streets, doing light exercises, setting up food stalls, taking their children to school on rickshaws, you will see it all.

After your breakfast, start walking towards the Ho Chi Minc Mausoleum. It will take you around 20 minutes khổng lồ get there. Ho Chi Minch, or Uncle Ho as the locals refer to lớn hyên ổn, was Vietnam’s president from 1945-1969 và was a key figure in the Vietphái nam War, under whose leadership Vietnam finally gained independence.

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Inside a glass case lies the embalmed body toàn thân of Uncle Ho so you can pay your respects và then walk around the square & park outside. You may even catch some locals doing Tai Chi. Don’t be afraid lớn join them, they will be more than happy lớn help you learn the movements.

Carry on walking to Hoa Lo Prison, known as the Hanoi Hilton. This was built by the French lớn punish Vietnamese political prisoners and later used by the Vietnamese to lớn hold American prisoners of war. A famous example is Senator John McCain, và you can still find his unikhung on display. The prison is a little haunting. There are many mannequins depicting scenes of what life was lượt thích inside the prison walls, và it is not for the faint of heart.

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Since you woke up early, it’s good lớn have sầu a slightly early lunch to lớn replenish all that energy spent from walking around và sweating thanks to lớn the heat. Grab a xe cộ om (motorbike taxi), use either Uber or Grab apps, or hail yourself a motorxe đạp to lớn head lớn your next destination: Pho Gia Truyen on 49 Bat Dan Street. Motorbikes are the best way to get around here as they can zigzag their way through traffic. If you opt for a car xe taxi, you may be stuck in one place for hours.


Pho Gia Truyen is where you can find the best pho in all the l&. Pho is the national dish of Vietnam & one you must try. It’s made of three components: a flavorful broth, noodles and some type of meat, typically beef. If you are vegetarian, just order the vegetarian version by saying “ctuyệt.”