A Foodie'S Guide To The Best Food In Bangkok


Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and a paradise for food lovers.

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Everywhere you look while walking around the đô thị, you’ll be tempted by something delicious – whether it be fresh green papaya salad, a spice filled coconut milk curry, or smoke pouring off a street food grill.

In this Bangkok travel guide blog post, specifically written for you as a food lover, I’m going khổng lồ tóm tắt some essential travel information and tips that will help you make the most of your stay in Bangkok.

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Read this Bangkok travel guide for tips for your visit

About This Bangkok Travel Guide:

Quickly, before fully jumping in, I wanted khổng lồ let you know who I am, and why I wrote this Bangkok travel guide blog.My name is Mark Wiens, và I travel for food. I’ve sầu been based in Bangkok since 2009, and while I also love sầu khổng lồ travel lớn other destinations, Bangkok remains my permanent home-base (and my wife is Thai).

Nice to meet you, I’m Mark!

I can still rethành viên the day I arrived in Bangkok for the first time.

Walking down the street, the aroma of stir frying chilies, garlic, và basil, mixed with the thichồng humidity of the Bangkok evening, was a combination that switched on my senses, and I immediately became fascinated by Thai food và culture.

Bangkok has been my trang chủ ever since, và day doesn’t go by without me getting excited about Thai food.

Read more about my story here, & see the tools I use khổng lồ run this blog here.

Ok, let’s move inkhổng lồ the guide now…

Where will you be arriving in Bangkok?

Arriving and Leaving Bangkok

There are plenty of ways you could potentially arrive and leave, but probably the most common way is lớn fly directly inkhổng lồ Bangkok.

When you fly inkhổng lồ Bangkok, make sure you note which airport you’ll be arriving or leaving from… I have sầu made the mistake of going to the wrong airport before!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

The biggest airport, and the hub for many of the major international airlines is Suvarnabhumày Airport, located in the southeastern part of the thành phố.

How to get from Suvanabhumi Airport lớn the center of Bangkok:

Taxi – To take a taxi, go to lớn the first floor, và exit the revolving door at either #4 or #7. You take a ticket, và then go lớn the xe taxi number on your ticket. The price of taking a taxi to lớn central Bangkok from the airport should cost about 300 – 400 THB, và there’s also an airport surcharge of 50 THB. Note that you will also be responsible for any tollway fees if used as well.

Don Mueang International Airport

In order khổng lồ relieve some of the congestion of Suvanabhumi Airport, Bangkok re-opened the former main international airport, which is known as Don Mueang, located in northern Bangkok. This airport is trang chính to lớn many of the budget airlines carriers lượt thích Air Asia and Tiger Air, và caters mainly lớn destinations around Southeast Asia & Asia.

How lớn get from Don Mueang Airport to the center of Bangkok:

Taxi – The easiest way to get from Don Mueang Airport khổng lồ the center of Bangkok is by private xe taxi. Go down lớn the ground floor, and there’s an official xe taxi stvà (& usually a long queue). You will be directed tot he next xe taxi driver. The ride all the way to the center of Bangkok should cost anywhere from 200 – 350 THB, & you’ll have to pay a 50 THB airport surcharge, and you’re responsible for any tollways used. An alternative lớn a taxi all the way, is lớn take a xe taxi lớn Mo Chit BTS Skytrain or Chatuchak Park MRT Metro, which should cost about 100 THB, và then you can take the public train from there.Bus – Bus #A1 goes from the airport to lớn Mo Chit BTS Skytrain station, and from there you can take the BTS to lớn Siam, Silom, Sabé nhỏ, or Sukhumvit. Go lớn the ground floor & catch the bus from outside, price is 35 THB per person.

Getting your Thai tourist visa:

It all depends on your nationality, but the easiest way lớn get a short term visa for xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan, if your passport qualifies, is khổng lồ just get a simple 15 or 30 day tourist visa on arrival. It’s miễn phí, và all you have khổng lồ vày is fill out your arrival thẻ (it will be given lớn you in the airplane before you land), go through immigration, and you’ll have 30 days in Đất Nước Thái Lan / Bangkok.

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However, be sure khổng lồ research your country and the requirements for entry and exit khổng lồ Vương Quốc Nụ Cười.

Bus Stations in Bangkok:

Mo Chit Station (Northern bus terminal) – If you’re traveling by bus khổng lồ a destination north of Bangkok (Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani), you’ll usually arrive or leave sầu from Mo Chit Station.Sai Dai Mai Station (Southern bus terminal) – If you’re traveling lớn a destination on the peninsular part of southern Vương Quốc của nụ cười (Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani), you’ll probably arrive sầu and leave sầu from Sai Dai Mai station.Ekkamai Bus Station (Destinations near to lớn Bangkok) – You can take short bus trips khổng lồ destinations within a few hours from Bangkok, especially eastern coastal areas (usually places like Pattaya, Rayong, Trat) from Ekkamai Station.Victory Monument (Van terminal for short distances) – An alternative to lớn buses are 12 seater vans. They leave sầu from various outposts around Victory Monument and Center One. Beware though, these vans often drive crazily fast, but they can be very convenient.
Choosing a place lớn stay can be a challenge… read my recommendations below…

Where lớn Stay in Bangkok?

There are so many places lớn stay in Bangkok, that it’s tough to lớn narrow down your choices.

So in this next part of this Bangkok travel guide, I’ll vì chưng my best to lớn share with you a few of the best areas of Bangkok that you can stay in, why you would want to lớn choose a certain area, and a few of my personal hotel recommendations in each of these areas.

1. Khao San Road / Banglamphu – This is the main backpacker district of Bangkok, but at the same time it’s the historical center of the city, where many of the famous attractions (like the Grvà Palace) are located. You’ll find budget hostels, historical guest houses, and hotels in this area.

2. Chao Phraya Riverside / Bangrak – The Chao Phraya Riverside is scenic, with good transportation options, & a phối of both luxury hotels and mid-range options. Great area for families because of the transportation options và set of everything.

3. Silom / Sathon – Silom và Sathuôn, located next to lớn each other are the business financial districts of Bangkok, và very modern areas of town. The area makes a great base with food options and transportation.

4. Siam / Pratunam – Siam và Pratunam are at the center of one of Bangkok’s most intense shopping districts, with everything from modern malls lớn street shopping. Stay in Siam or Pratuphái mạnh if you’re serious about Bangkok shopping.

5. Sukhumvit – Sukhumvit Road is one of the major developed roads running through the heart of Bangkok, and it’s home lớn many expats and international businesses and restaurants, but it remains local Tnhì at the same time.

Where would I personally recommend? I think the best area to stay in Bangkok, if you’re coming for a visit, is the Banglamphu area because it’s the historical center of Bangkok, very cthua thảm lớn many of the major attractions, and the area is home lớn some of the best street food and markets in all of Bangkok.

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*Disclosure: The links lớn hotels above are affiliate liên kết, meaning that if you book a khách sạn through that liên kết, at NO extra cost khổng lồ you, I will receive a commission. This will help me khổng lồ continue maintaining this blog. Thank you in advance!

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