This is probably the most time consuming part of planning any trip, and one of the most important. Hostel or hotel, city or suburbs, quirky or casual, there are just too many decisions to make and without a recommendation it can be a bit of a needle in a haystack situation. Ho chi Minh is no different.

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There are 24 districts và thousands of hotels in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Looking for the best area lớn stay in Ho đưa ra Minh is not what you want lớn be doing when you could be looking up fun things to do in HCMC instead. Wouldn’t it be great if there was just a quick menu guide lớn where to lớn stay instead?

I’ve stayed in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị a few times, so khổng lồ help you narrow it down, I’ve detailed the only districts you should really consider.

Where to lớn Stay in Ho bỏ ra Minh City


District 1 (Downtown)

If you’re anything like me you hear the words ‘financial district’ & dismiss the idea that there could be anything but banks there. For Ho chi Minh, it’s time to kiểm tra yourself because that’s certainly not the case. District 1 is the heart of the city & full of French colonial architecture, restaurants, shops, và bars that mean it’s busy way beyond the 5pm trang chủ time. In fact, the nightlife is known khổng lồ go on forever, accompanied by a decent food scene too.

Come day time, staying here also has you within walking distance of đứng top attractions lượt thích the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office & Reunification Palace.

In terms of where khổng lồ actually stay in District 1 in Ho chi Minh City, the areas of Dong Khoi Street, Bui Vien và Pham dại dột Lao are probably the most lively và you’ll find plenty of high end hotels like the Park Hyatt Saigon as well as more budget options và hostels lượt thích The Hideout here too.

Where to stay in District 1

Mai Vy Hotel


I stayed at the Mai Vy khách sạn in Pham ngu Lao last time I was there. It was in a fantastic location & I enjoyed my stay. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for cheap and quiet, but in a fun place. I was on the top floor with no lift, in a private room. It was above a launderette so that was useful. It wasn’t a particularly social place, or fun, but I liked it.

I paid £13 per night for a private room with a private bathroom.

Check out the latest prices and pictures of Mai Vy khách sạn on Booking.com.

Blue River Hotel


First time I went I stayed at the xanh River Hotel, which was much nicer and more modern. Of course it was slightly more expensive though at £17 per night, per room. If there’s two of you, then obviously this is the one to go for. This is in the same kind of area as the Mai Vy Hotel, but just around the corner. One slight quirk, the private bathroom had glass walls, thankfully we discovered a blind to lớn pull down but if you’re not super comfortable with the person you’re sharing the room with, it might be slightly awkward.

I paid £17 per night for a private room with a private bathroom.

Check out the latest prices & pictures of blue River khách sạn on Booking.com.

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District 2

If you’re carrying more dong than the average backpacker budget, fancy a quieter more suburban district, or have been lớn Ho đưa ra Minh once before và want lớn experience a different side of the city, then consider District 2.

Around 15 minutes from the centre, it’s a big district and a popular neighbourhood with expats, which means there are plenty of Western restaurants, bars and shops. In terms of activity, if you bởi vì feel lượt thích staying close by then you can take the bus or a taxi to lớn the Saigon Outcast for rock climbing, the Thao Dien spa làm đẹp for a bit of relaxation or lớn the many bars along the Saigon River.

There aren’t quite as many accommodation options here but you can still find some nice hotels và a few Airbnbs.

Where lớn stay in District 2

1933’s House

1933’s House looks like a good option in a great location. It’s got that whole modern pink and grey vibe going on too. Prices start from £10, and that’s with a private bathroom too. You’ll be near temples, pagodas và museums to keep you busy too.

Check out the latest prices và pictures of 1933’s House on Booking.com.

The Hut Boutique Hotel


Otherwise The Hut Boutique khách sạn looks like a great option. You even get one of those super cool hammock chairs in your room, too. The Hut has a really nice interior & you’ll be happy & comfortable here, away from the craziness of the city. I’d totally stay here next time I’m in Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

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Check out the latest prices & pictures of The Hut Boutique hotel on Booking.com.

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District 3

District 1’s less rowdy but equally fun sister, District 3 borders on District 1 and is an ideal place lớn stay if you want to be in the thick of it but don’t fancy going all in with the total tourist madness of District 1.

District 3 has loads of markets, coffee shops and pho restaurants but you’ll immediately notice that it’s a little more authentic và a place that locals live. That means prices tend khổng lồ be slightly cheaper, there’s colonial architecture as opposed khổng lồ skyscrapers và plenty of affordable guesthouses.

This is all within walking distance of the bustle of District 1. Favourite things to vì here include visiting one of the many temples, stopping by the War Remnants Museum and snapping pictures of the pink church.

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District 4

Don’t let the fact this was the former mafia stomping ground put you off. District 4 has since cleaned up its act and is a lively place to stay, despite being one of the smallest districts. It’s another less touristy spot and is all about amazing street food.

Vinh Khanh Road in particular is where locals come for their fill of the best fresh seafood but elsewhere in the area you’ll find carts of frog legs and snails, considered to be local delicacies. Again, you can easily walk to the tourist attractions in other nearby districts but if you fancy staying put you’ve got the Ho chi Minh Museum, rồng Wharf & the silk weaving of the XQ Art House nearby.

If you lượt thích your hotels big, with swimming pools, then District 4 is for you. There’s a lot of choice here, and many look the same.

Where khổng lồ stay in District 4

SStay RiverGate Saigon

The SStay RiverGate Saigon is beautifully designed, and has that elusive ‘9.5 exceptional’ rating on Booking.com. People like it here. Rose gold, apartments, swimming pools, Audrey Hepburn on the walls, and just 1.1 miles from Nha Rong Wharf, you’ll love it here. It’s relaxing, clean, modern & has a restaurant on site for you khổng lồ enjoy too.

Check out the latest prices and pictures of SStay RiverGate Saigon on Booking.com.

Go Sweet House

A home away from trang chủ this one. Go Sweet House has cosy apartments, with a great swimming pool outside. There’s a garden, a terrace, và you’re not far from the parks, museums and plazas nearby. Also, there’s an amazing street food market nearby too.

Check out the latest prices & pictures of Go Sweet House on Booking.com.


The Cost of 3 Days in Ho đưa ra Minh City

What Vietnam Was Like, For Me

District 5 (Chinatown)

Giving District 1 a run for its money when it comes lớn atmosphere, District 5 hosts the biggest market in Vietnam, Binh Tay Market. There’s also the An Dong Market known if you fancy buying a few wood carvings, famous Buddhist temples lượt thích Tam Son Hoi Quan and quaint tea houses that keep people coming through Chinatown.

Rather than luxury hotels though, this area has way more on offer for the budget khách sạn and hostel type. If you were khổng lồ stay here, you could easily get to other parts of the thành phố so even if nightlife is a little quieter it doesn’t matter so much, and you’ll get a nice sleep. Và some top unique dim sum in the morning too.

Where to stay in Ho chi Minh City

If it’s your first time, I’d recommend you look for accommodation in Ho chi Minh thành phố in District 1. This is where I’ve stayed every time I’ve been. It’s fun, vibrant, lots to vì chưng at all hours và Pham lẩn thẩn Lao Street is what I think of when I think of HCMC.

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If it’s your second or third, or you like a quieter life, then I’d recommend you stay in 2 or 3. Either way, it’s easy to lớn get around Ho bỏ ra Minh city by walking or by taxi, và so it’s not hard to kiểm tra out the other districts, if you want to see as much as possible in the city.